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    long form library

    long form library
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    If you remember that we have reported a rocking bookshelf design? Today etsy user ifsodoso is selling this giant size bookcase.
    "Rather like the hull of a boat, the underside is curved, allowing steady gentle rocking, controlled by the occupant, as you would on a tree swing or an old rocking chair. It can hold up to 400 books of varying shapes and sizes, and/or several hundred CD's, DVD's, or indeed nothing at all, it is entirely up to you.
    The library relies on circular forces to grace it with immense strength. Yet, due to the subtle selection of thinner and thinner blockboards toward the top of the work, a great sense of delicacy is preserved. The library, as shown, is built from 15 modular boxes. Each bolts to the back of the next. All are clearly marked in order to assure accurate construction. The library boxes have no visible joins (aside from the bolts that affix them). And, the visible end grain of the blockboard has been beautifully exploited. Overall the finishes are very astute, combining the qualities of brushed varnish, lacquered edges, and 16 hand sprayed, carefully coloured panels. The scheme is akin to early Bauhaus or even more markedly, De Stijl movement approaches... "
    Source /   |   Price: $9,500   |   BUY By Ben on Mon Jun 6 2011
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