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    British aviation enthusiast Flugsnug captured some chilling footage of turboprop propeller planes attempting to land at Birmingham Airport.
    "More BHXwinds action (X-winds at BHX airport), as Dash-8 and ATR twin-engines have a difficult time coping with gusts and windshear. "
    'The friendship of Rabbit and Deer is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension...'
    An Internet Minute 2013 Vs 2014
    This is an infographic comparing an internet minute in 2013 versus one in 2014.
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    It's a battle of the beasts in this web-only original short! The mythic dragon takes on a lethal AH-64 Apache helicopter. Will a laser-guided missile, chain gun, or warhead have any effect on this fire-breathing legend?
    "I ended up losing the working file for this video in a hard drive crash a while back but did want to add in the shirt-tug performed by Data to the end since (as one commenter points out in the original vid) he starts and ends the video and would be great to see performing this same move! So, here it is in all its glory."
    Tree Change Dolls
    An artist in Tasmania is altering discarded Bratz dolls. He/she gets them from second hand shops, repaints their faces with more realistic features and no makeup, and new shoes and clothing. The end result is a completely different doll on the same body. Well done. Tree Change Dolls will soon be sold through Etsy, you can see them at the Tree Change Dolls blog.
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    Nessie Ladle
    Designed by OTOTO to look eerily reminiscent of what we assume the Loch Ness monster looks like, this Nessie Ladle is adorable. Available on Nessie Ladle for $15 beginning next month. Cute
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    The debate on the weird shape lightsaber from Star Wars! Hilarious!
    Watch This Tiny Side Table Transform Into a FullOn Rowing

    Ram & Row transformed a stylish piece of living room furniture  into a rowing machine.(Watch the video!) Designed by Patrick Saint-Martin. When you’re done exercising, you can fold it into your desired furniture piece such as console, side table or storage box. It is definitely elegant furniture that can be easily moved and converted into various forms in few seconds.
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    MIT researchers observed that when a raindrop hits a surface, it traps tiny air bubbles at the point of contact. As in a glass of champagne, the bubbles then shoot upward, ultimately bursting from the drop in a fizz of aerosols.
     The researchers suspect that in natural environments, aerosols may carry aromatic elements, along with bacteria and viruses stored in soil. These aerosols may be released during light or moderate rainfall, and then spread via gusts of wind.
    What Will Happen to Your Body in 2015
    Here’s What Will Happen to Your Body in 2015.
    [ image via World Science Festiva ]
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    Gif blow smoke rings
    blow smoke rings
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