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    Why Does February Only Have 28 Days?
    Awesome R2D2 Dresser
    It’s a simple dresser painted to look kind of like R2-D2. imgur user zombiecontroller made this cool astromech droi  for his kid, one Conan.
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    A praying mantis that mimics an orchid attracts unsuspecting insects and then eats the duped victims.
    Cute a carrot into an elaborate net.
    This week, "piano trumpet" asks, “Why don’t humans have a mating season like most animals?”
    American Kids Try Breakfasts From Around the World
    Sanrio To Release A Hello Kitty Toilet Seat
    Sanrio has a Hello Kitty toilet seat. Sanrio, the company that owns the Hello Kitty brand, showed this new toilet seat design at a show of new Hello Kitty products in Tokyo two weeks ago. It's the Hello Kitty electronic toilet seat! The seat has a warming function, as well as a warm water bidet.  There’s no word on price or availability, but the product was shown off at the company’s Tokyo headquarters last February 2nd.
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    What Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Aurora, and Tiana would have actually looked like if they were historically accurate.
    An epic collision between Would You Rather and Disney.
    This week, Elliott discusses some misconceptions from the internet!
    Man with New Bionic Eye Sees His Wife for the First Time in a

    Allen Zderad, 68, hadn't laid eyes on his wife or grandchildren in more than a decade. He has a degenerative eye disease that slowly stole his sight over the course of his life. Recently the power of modern medicine in the form of a bionic eye gave him the ability to see his beautiful family once again.
     His wife, Carmen, is his sighted guide. Silver haired with a kind smile, she tries to remember the last time he's seen her face.

    Watch the video above to see the moment Zderad saw his wife for the first time in ten years.
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    A Replica of the  Star Trek  Classic Communicator from
    ThinkGeek has released a replica of the classic Star Trek communicator.
    "Just flip up the grill, and you’ll be greeted with the lights and sounds you’ve come to know and love. But not content with mere beeps, the UFP has packed this replica with voice clips from the actual series. Delight as you hear Mr. Spock ask you if you want an armed party beamed down and thrill as you call the Enterprise and hear Bridge here, Captain. So equip yourself with the Communicator that futuristically prognosticated the invention of the cell phone, and get ready for a communication… from the stars."
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