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    People Try to Guess Who s a Virgin from a Group of
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    People Guess Who's a Virgin from a Group of Strangers
    Kids Try 100 Years of Cheese
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    In this episode, the kids try 100 years of cheese. Velveeta cheese fudge and peanut butter pickle sandwich dominated the 1920s. The 1930s brought the cream cheese and chopped olive...
    Why The Netherlands Isn t Under Water
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    Why The Netherlands Isn't Under Water
    The Best Weather Reporter Halloween Costumes
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    News Be Funny put together a collection of local weather reporters showing off their hilarious Halloween costumes over the years.
    Halloween 2017 in Dance
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    In this clip from today's episode of The Ellen Show, host Ellen DeGeneres (dressed as a pregnant Kardashian sister) celebrates Halloween by adding hilarious dancing to new and classic...
    Exurb1a Grammar Explained
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    British comedian and educational YouTuber "Exurb1a" provides a hilarious crash course on some of the most common English grammar mistakes."After much arguing with Americans I'm now fairly...
    Kids Draw Their Parents Tattoos
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    Would you let a 2 year old draw a tattoo for you? part one below.
    Antoine Bizet s 2017 Red Bull Rampage
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    This Is Just Pure Craziness
    What s The Safest Place On Earth
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    What is the safest place in the world?
    The Future of Magic
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    CBS Sunday morning's Nancy Giles speaks with some of today's best illusionists, including Dan White, Jonathan Bayme, Ron Carnell, and Richard Turner, about the latest trends in...
    How to Make Miniature Candy Apples
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    "Walking With Giants," Jay demonstrates how to prepare a tasty-looking, nipple-sized candy apples.
    John Oliver on Flooding
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    "John Oliver explains why our federal system for financing flood recovery perpetuates a pattern of destruction and why you should never offer a tortilla chip to a seagull."
    Portrait of Lotte from 0 to 18 years
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    Captured weekly for 18 years.
    The Surface Book 2
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    Microsoft's new Surface Book 2, the new Surface Book 2 features up to 17 hours of battery life and the most powerful graphics performance ever from a Surface laptop. Available...
    Roof Tile Ad Japan
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    Sticking Together, No Matter What (Tsuruya Japan)
    Nemo Stargaze Camp Chair
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    The Nemo Stargaze Camp Chair($180) is a lightweight, portable swinging chairs that just begs you to sit down, kick back, and hang. There are 3 models: the regular Stargaze, the Stargaze...
    Primitive Technology Natural Draft Furnace
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    "I built a natural draft furnace to test ideas about how hot a furnace could get without the use of bellows. Natural draft is the flow of air through a furnace due to rising hot air. The...
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