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    New USA Map made of used sponge
    The "New U.S.A. Map" is made of used sponge by Jeffrey Allen Price. The map is a 1:10,400,000 scale map of the United States.
    Booken book shelf
    "Booken" is a a shelf-cum-side shelf designed by Raw Edges. The spines of the hanging volumes also serve to function as a table top, in addition to a library.
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    Most Dangerous Breasts
    “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara with a machine gun bra. It is the new poster for the film 'Machete Kills', she has the most dangerous breasts on latest poster. Haha.
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    BMW Unveils Its Electric Bike the Cruise
    BMW has launched its own electric bike, the Cruise. Sporting a 250-watt electric motor, the bike can power you all the way up to 25km/h with a range of 85km. The motor is designed more to assist you while riding rather than to power you along all by itself. You can pick from Eco Tour, Sport or Speed/Turbo. It weighs in at just 24kg. They’ll not be selling it initially in all markets, only 1,000 units will go on sale in Germany.
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    Identities by Ana Oliveira

    Identities by Ana Oliveira
    Identities and Identities II by photographer Ana Oliveira.
    Before and after photos. Portraits depicting the same person after a long period of time with the object of showing the effects of time. Some pictures have a age gap over 60 years.
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    How to Open a Beer Bottle with a CD
    Triolin A Triple Violin
    Artist Alex Sobolev built three violins and joined them together to create the “Triolin.”
    "Challenging the notion of the violin as a solo instrument, the Triolin encourages its players to move beyond visual and aural communication by creating a space that requires direct physical interaction."
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    "Ludovic and I doing a wingsuit flight into Rio de Janeiro. We did not have permission to fly into the city, but to respect the commercial air traffic we did the jump 05:45 in the morning. The first flights arrive at 06:05"
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    Slingshot master Joerg Sprave made a pump action gun that shoots Oreo cookies. The pump-action Oreo gun he's devices is a pretty basic design, launching the cookie discs with rubberbands and blasting them at cardboard boxes, walls, and ballistic gel. Watch the video!
    Horse Racing On Road
    horse racing on road
    Star Ring
    I love this Star Ring, simple!
    Fully automated paper plane folding machine, even got its own compressor.
    The video speed is about three times faster the normal.
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