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    Deer headphone
    Pic   /  
    Turn u into a  deer.
    LightMode Motorcycle Helmets
    Motorcycle   /  
    Utilizing electroluminescent (EL) materials, these helmets are surrounded completely in an attention-getting glow. It  powered by a small controller that has three mode selections:...
    I have a trip Ben will back after one week
    News   /  
    I will update blog depend on time & condition.
    This Dog Tag Is Actually a Handy MultiTool
    Tools   /  
    This standard issue dog tag tool from Prometheus Design Werx. The titanium accessory is the exact same size as a standard American military issue dog tag, but it can do more.There's a...
    Is it OK to Pee in the Ocean
    Video   /  
    Is it OK to Pee in the Ocean?
    Airplanes Look Like Epic Shooting Stars In The Air
    Video   /  
    Ever wondered what it's like in one of the busiest airports in the world? With a flight landing and taking off almost every minute during peak hours, it can get pretty insane.Shoot a...
    26 Amusing Facts About Amusement Parks
    Video   /  
    26 Amusing Facts About Amusement Parks
    Sin City 8 Bit Cinema
    Bike   /  
    Sin City - 8 Bit Cinema
    Halfbike 23614709291726474
    Bike   /  
    The Halfbike's compact design is intended to make it an ideal option to the traditional inner city bike. with its aluminum frame and plywood pole steering device, weighs in at lean 7.8 kg...
    Dynamic Scotland by Roger Jackaman
    Video   /  
    Short timelapse project shot mainly around Edinburgh but includes some scenes from further north in the Glencoe area.
    Motorcyclist crashes flips and sticks a perfect landing on a car s
    Video   /  
    A motorcyclist crashes, he manages to flip and land standing up on the car's roof! Wow!!
    The Foo Fighters Make an Parody of ALS Ice Bucket
    Video   /  
    Foo Fighters - ALS IceBucket Challenge
    501st Legion Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge
    Video   /  
    On August 17, 2014, J. J. Abrams nominated the 501st Legion in the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. In the following 24 hours, troopers around the world answered the call.
    Dog Pulling Baby Carriage
    Video   /  
    Doggy/Baby Jogger, cute.
    Pic   /  
    Stripes, a photo from Mpumalanga, East .
    A US Map Of The Relative Value Of 100 By State
    Pic   /  
    This week’s tax map shows the real value of $100 in each state. Because average prices for similar goods are much higher in California or New York than in Mississippi or South...
    Pikachu Outbreak at Yokohama Japan
    Video   /  
    The city of Yokohama, Japan, staged a Pokémon Pikachu Festival last week. It was called  the Pikachu Tairyou Hassei Chu, or “An Outbreak of Pikachus,” which...
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