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    iFixit Refurbisher  s Toolkit Lets You Clean
    Tools   /  
    The electronics repair specialists at iFixit put together a set of tools that help you pop it open but then gives you supplies to clean consoles. Refurbisher’s Toolkit from...
    Concept   /  
    Maserati's Alfieri concept, unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, is a 2+2 coupe with a 4.7L V8 engine producing 460 horsepower, as well as 20'' front and 21'' rear wheels. The company...
    BaconSmelling Alarm Clock Dongle wakes you up to the smell of
    Apple   /  
    The Wake Up and Smell the Bacon dongle plugs into the bottom of your iOS device and fires out a scented bacon spray in the morning as you are emerging from bed. This is the soon to be...
    Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack
    Bag   /  
    This Case Logic's backpack($67) is a security friendly laptop for traveler. Good idea!- Executive backpack compatible with most laptops with a 16" screen- Checkpoint...
    Stamp Yo Face
    Other   /  
    A custom stamp of your face. Turn your face or a loved one's into a marvelous custom stamp creation.
    How to Make a Miniature Crossbo
    DIY   /  
    How to Make a Miniature Crossbo
    Most Shocking Second a Day Video
    Video   /  
    This shocking "One Second a Day" video delivers a powerful Anti-War message.
    Sin City 2 A Dame To Kill For Trailer
    Film   /  
    "Co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller reunite to bring Miller's visually stunning "Sin City" graphic novels back to the screen in SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR....
    Chocolate cookie milk shots milk tumblers made from chocolate chip
    Food   /  
    Dominique Ansel announced his new invention: a milk-tumbler made out of molded, baked chocolate cookie dough intended for serving milk.
    The Simpsons Couch Gag by Animator Sylvain
    Video   /  
    The Simpsons' Couch Gag by Sylvain Chomet.
    Robotic Drum Prosthesis Project
    Tech   /  
    Jason Barnes had wanted to be a professional drummer since he was a teenager. But when he lost his arm in a freak accident he thought his dream was over. Gil Weinberg designed a...
    BMW X4
    Coupe   /  
    BMW announced the new BMW X4 Coupe, the 2015 X4. This compact sport will be offered with a choice of two TwinPower Turbo engines: the X4 xDrive28i, packing a 2.0-liter...
    Walmart Introduces New High Tech Delivery Truck
    Concept   /  
    The tractor has very advanced aerodynamics and is powered by a prototype advanced turbine-powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain. The driver sits in the center of the prototype...
    John Green Explains The Crisis In Ukraine
    Video   /  
    John discusses the crisis in Ukraine, and how the influence of Russia and Europe have shaped Ukrainian politics for centuries.
    2015 Audi TT
    SportsCars   /  
    The latest generation tt, 2015 Audi TT. It features three available drivetrains, the base is a 2.0-liter, TDI four-cylinder with standard stop-start that churns out 184...
    Gender Swap Experiment with The Machine to Be
    Tech   /  
    Gender Swap is an experiment that users can feel themselves like if they were in a different body. Amazing!"In order to create the brain ilusion we use the immersive Head Mounted...
    This is not a frame from a science fiction movie
    Tech   /  
    This image seems like a spaceship arriving to another planet, but it just happened right here on Earth. It's an actual image from the successful Morpheus vehicle test completed today at...
    2 Men Are Living in This Spinning House for 10
    Projects   /  
    Two men are spending 10 days living in a home with a difference: it’s a 25-foot wooden wheel. It is an art installation and performance piece by Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder. The...
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