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    New Trailer for Babak Najafi s London Has Fallen with Gerard
    Film   /  
    "Get down!!" Focus has unveiled the epic new trailer for London Has Fallen. In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the...
    Concussion Official Trailer 2 Starring Will
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    Starring Will Smith, the film follows the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu in his battle to reveal the truth behind the football-related brain trauma, CTE. In theaters Christmas Day.
    Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer Starring Johnny Depp  Mia
    Film   /  
    First Look! Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass!  in theaters May 27!
    This Corgi Stormtrooper Cool
    Pet   /  
    For Halloween, Celebrity dog Winston the White Corgi dressed up in a slick stormtrooper costume, complete with a hilarious mask.
    Mean Tweets Country Music Edition
    Video   /  
    "Country music has some of the most loyal, passionate and opinionated fans of any genre of music. Which means that people sometimes take to social media to express themselves. From...
    Jetman Flies Next To Airbus Jumbo Jet
    Video   /  
    Armed with unguarded ambition and the vision to push boundaries beyond the unthinkable, Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 take to the skies of Dubai for an exceptional formation flight....
    14 Ways To Make Potatoes Is Delicious
    Video   /  
    14 Ways to transform a Potato
    Meet Diego
    Video   /  
    Diego gets a scary call from his wife.
    Improving Life with Exoskeleton Technologies
    Tech   /  
    Trish Aelker of Lockheed Martin describes the use of the FORTIS Exoskeleton.  “Improving Lives with Exoskeleton Technology” by the National Geographic.
    Revealing Portraits of Heavily Tattooed People
    Projects   /  
    British photographer Alan Powdrill’s photo series features portraits of heavily tattooed people who normally cover their whole bodies. Powdrill met COVERED's subjects at tattoo...
    Gif Walk out
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    Huge Fish Drags Fisherman Around After Stealing His
    Video   /  
    Goliath groupers can grow to 800 pounds and nine feet long. That's big enough to drag a spear fisherman, like the man in this video, who loses his temper when his parrotfish catch is...
    The Hateful Eight Official Trailer
    Film   /  
    The Weinstein Company has released a bloody new official trailer for The Hateful Eight. In Theaters on Christmas Day & Everywhere On January 8th, 2016"Set six or eight or twelve...
    Watch This Skydiver Kills A Parachute With Fire
    Video   /  
    Expert skydiver Brianne Thompson wants to teach people the importance of carrying a second parachute. So after she jumped and deployed her first parachute, she intentionally set it on...
    Toilet Yoga Because Sometimes Sh t Doesn t
    Other   /  
    Toilet Yoga, a book that demonstrates poses and maneuvers to help when you have troubles doing the doo.  There are multiple skill levels ranging from 1 Bowl and going all the way up...
    Watch this guy do 50 voice impersonations in 5
    Video   /  
    Nic De Houwer is from Belgium.
    26 Things You Didn t Know about Barbie
    Video   /  
    This week, John tells you some things you probably didn't know about Barbie!
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