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    AeroPress coffee maker
    Other   /  
    The AeroPress Coffee Maker offers a convenient way for you to be able to make a single cup of coffee and has been designed by toy designer Alan Adler. Now the AeroPress Coffee Maker is...
    Street art The Stencil Shed
    Pic   /  
    Fun work from rural England by street artist Luke Hollingworth.
    Reallife SpiderMan webshooter uses a coil gun
    Video   /  
    Just like Spider-Man's "real" webshooter, this one is worn on the wrist, and fired by pressing on a button. It features an aiming laser and LEDs to indicate its operational...
    116MPH Honda Sets New Record For Fastest
    Other   /  
    This is Honda's Mean Mower, the new world record holder for fastest lawnmower, at 116.57MPH."To claim the record, the lawnmower had to run through a 100-meter speed trap, and it had...
    The Funniest Cities in the United States by the Humor Research Lab at University of
    Pic   /  
    The Humor Research Lab team, helmed by Adrian Ward and Caleb Warren, created the Humor Algorithm (HA) to rank the 50 funniest cities in America – the most comprehensive analysis of...
    Exploring OffLimits New York
    Video   /  
    Exploring Off-Limits New York
    Changing Wheels while driving
    Video   /  
    Five people crawl out of car, change two tires while its being driven balanced on the other two.
    Land Rover Discovery Vision
    Coupe   /  
    Land Rover unveil its Discovery Vision Concept ahead of this month’s New York Auto Show. It will be be launched next year, it is packed with cutting-edge features that include smart...
    The Weirdest Driving Laws From Around The World
    Video   /  
    From parking your elephant to tying your dog to the roof - here are some weird and wonderful driving laws from around the world!
    Paris in Motion Part 4
    Video   /  
    Beautiful Time-Lapse Stop-Motion Video Trip Around the City of Paris!
    Interactive Game of Thrones Map
    Film   /  
    With the help of a fanmade Google Maps design, you can explore George R.R. Martin’s world from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. With just a click, you can see who owns...
    Super Mario Bros Drum Kit
    HIFI   /  
    This custom Super Mario Bros. Drum Kit looks pretty awesome. SJC Custom Drums is a drum-making business in Massachusetts. Its artisans made these drums for Frank DeSantis, the drummer of...
    The Man Behind The Mountain An Intimate Look at American Folk Artist Leonard
    Video   /  
    Salvation Mountain is known around the world as a burst of color in the desert outside Niland, California, on the Mexican border. A one-man monument built over three decades piece by...
    Doing Bald Right
    Pic   /  
    'Doing Bald Right' by Teddy Hose."A chart for us bald men who accept it, and the superstars who’ve taught us how to make the best of it."
    A PopUp Guide to Westeros Incredible Game of Thrones popup
    Film   /  
    Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros is an incredible pop-up book features a giant 3D map of Westeros. It includes 3D recreations of the castle of Winterfell, King’s...
    420 MIX
    Video   /  
    This is a video remix that catalogs memeorable marijuana references in popular films.
    Symphony No 9 Allegro con fuoco
    Video   /  
    This video is an ad for B-Classic Music Festival, who aims to give Classical music some recognition. Get ready to listen to 3 minutes of “Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco” and...
    Star Wars XWing And TIE Fighter Engagement Rings
    Film   /  
    These are the X-Wing and TIE Fighter engagement rings designed by Paul Michael Design. Cool
    Pizza Cake
    Food   /  
    The Canada-based Boston Pizza chain has revealed a new social media campaign that promises to provide a few "Pizza Game Changers," asking fans to vote for outlandish...
    Genesis of Cookies Poster
    Pic   /  
    'Genesis of Cookies'(on kickstarter) an art print that illustrates "Origin of Today's Most Famous Cookies.""Out of curiosity SweeTooth Design went onto research and collect...
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