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    How to Tell if a Guy Likes You vs How to Tell if a Girl Likes
    Video   /  
    Mr. Forthright Explains How to Tell If a Guy Likes You vs. How to Tell If a Girl Likes You
    Steve Jobs Official First Look
    Film   /  
    Universal Releases the First Trailer for the Steve Jobs Biopic Starring Michael Fassbender as the Late Apple Founder
    This  Sonic the Hedgehog  Fan Film is the Saddest Fan Film
    Video   /  
    The Hedgehog’ is a short drama (7min) that follows a lone boy, who dressed up as his favorite video game hero, searches for adventure in a deserted suburban landscape…
    Life Advice from 50 Favorite Cartoon Characters
    Pic   /  
    Check out this chart of 50 inspiriing life quotes from characters from kid’s movies and shows. It was put together by AAA State of Play, a commercial playground equipment company.
    Star Wars R2D2 Trashcan
    Film   /  
    Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan($130) from thinkgeek."Trash is just not that cool. Not only can it be dirty and odorous but it’s simply low-tech and boring.At least that’s what...
    Why We Haven t Cured Cancer
    Video   /  
    Join SciShow as we discuss what's wrong with that question and why it's so hard to find a cure.
    Taylor Swift Debuts New Music Video For Bad
    Video   /  
    Taylor Swift has finally debuted her hotly-anticipated new music video for “Bad Blood,” featuring a slew of the hottest models and celebrities making cameos. The video is...
    Every Killer Car in Mad Max Fury Road Explained
    Film   /  
    Thanks to art director and production designer Colin Gibson, the film’s roster of cars varied from souped up Chevys to outrageous war machines built with vintage car parts Gibson...
    World s First Triple Backflip On A Scooter
    Video   /  
    This is a video of Nitro Circus's Ryan Williams successfully landing the world's first triple backflip on a scooter.
    All 50 States Ranked by Marijuana Prices
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    All 50 States Ranked by Marijuana Prices[ image ]
    Architects Design Wooden Bicycle Frame to Explore Structural
    Bike   /  
    Bike manufacturer AERO created this prototype bicycle frame from layers of birch to test wooden structural techniques that can be applied to architectural projects. The bicycle was...
    Furniture   /  
    Elevate, a  portable standing workstation from New Zealand. Elevate comes flat packed and assembles in seconds with no tools required. There is no need for a bulky standing desk,...
    The Avengers reimagined as dark fantasy
    Pic   /  
    These excellent illustrations by Artist Daniel Kamarudin. He took what we saw in the Marvel movies and turned them darker and added more of a fantasy flair to them.You can see the whole...
    Dymaxion Car
    Video   /  
    The word Dymaxion is a term that Buckminster Fuller, an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor, associated with much of his work. The word is a portmanteau...
    Wake Up Call
    Video   /  
    Malcolm, asleep on the job, suddenly gets rudely interrupted. Hilarity ensues.
    100 Years of Beauty Aging
    Video   /  
    If you had a crystal ball and could gaze into the future, how would you feel seeing the love of your life as a 90-year-old? Cut offered a young couple about to say their vows the unique...
    Adam Savage Builds a Perfect  Star Trek  Captain  s Chair With Lights and
    DIY   /  
    Savage built the chair itself over the course of several weeks after being disappointed with one he purchased online. The wiring of the lights and sounds was intended to only take a day,...
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