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    If Facebook Made a Real Facebook Home
    The guys at Joy of Tech created a comic that shows what Facebook distilled into a home would look like.
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    Steel Soda Can Tab Beer Bottle Opener
    This sturdy, lightweight and portable steel soda can tab beer bottle opener is new addition to bottle opener design. The opener has a smooth and shining surface.  It is $15.
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    Private Moon
    Leonid Tishkov is a Moscow physician turned avant-garde artist. His latest project, "Private Moon" is a series of stylized and sentimental photographs of himself with a large illuminated crescent moon taken at various locations around the world.
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    70s Hairy Chest Sweater
    The 70s Hairy Chest Sweater is a 100% polyester sweater that can increase your masculinity, virility and ability to chop wood. It costs £40.
    D Table gives 8 tables in 1

    D Table gives 8 tables in 1
    Inspired by geometry, the D*Table by D*Haus gives you 8 choices to configurate your table. It is bound to solve any table and storage solutions you might have. It's not a table, it's 8 tables in 1. The modular table can be transformed into the shape you need and any shape has plenty of storage space. It is available for £950.
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    Amazing 3D art on elevator floor
    Horrifying "Great White Shark Attack" 3D art created on elevator floor by Robert Smith.
    See how dogs are trained to jump. Cool.
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    Domo Toaster 40366616
    Now you can buy a toaster with the mascot imprinted on the side. The best part, burnt domo faces on toast! The Domo Toaster is available at Urban Outfitters for $49.
    Redding police released this surveillance video of a bumbling and oddly dressed burglary suspect who threw a rock earlier in March 2013 at the glass front door of Kent's Market on Airport Road. Haha.
    Cool Hat and beard
    Cool hat and beard for children, cute.
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