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    She Colors Hair to Match famous works of art
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    Ursuala Goff, a skilled colorist in Kansas, she colors hair to match famous works of art. inspired by artists like Klimt, Andy Warhol, Monet, Botticelli, and Georgia...
    Subpac The Wearable Bass Pack
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    SubPac brings the bass to your body. The 17 x 12 x 1.5 in (43 x 30 x 4 cm), 4.8 lb (2.2 kg) M2 is worn like a backpack, with adjustable shoulder straps at the front that bring the SubPac...
    Visual Effects From Season One of Agent Carter
    Video   /  
    The Visual Effects Society has honored the effects wizards behind Season 1 of "Marvel's Agent Carter" with a nomination in the 14th Annual VES Awards, and in honor of that we're...
    Dutch Police Training Eagles to Snatch Drones from the
    Video   /  
    Dutch cops are working with a company called Guard from Above to see if trained eagles can be used to snatch nefarious drones out of the sky. Dutch police experimenting with birds to...
    17yearold Tech Builder Built a LifeSize Smartphone Controlled BB8
    Video   /  
    Teenage Tech Builder’s Tutorial on How to Build a Life-Size Smartphone Controlled BB-8 Droid by Justin Page at 3:32 pm on February 1, 2016. [ The tutorial on Instructables ]
    Two Guys Try To Sneak Into into a Movie Theatre Dressed As One
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    Two Guys One Ticket: Two best friends achieve lifelong dream of sneaking into a movie theatre in one set of clothing.
    How To Make Snow
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    "Lillehammer, Norway, it's time to make some snow. With science. As well as being one of my regular videos, this is an ad for the 2016 Youth Winter Olympic Games!"
    Ridiculous Mimic CatTail Baby Onsie
    Baby   /  
    This is the Mimic baby onsie from "humorous art & design" firm ekoD Works. It's a onsie with a buttcrack and tail printed on the back to make it look like your child has a...
    Scientist Is Nearly Hit By Wrecking Ball To Prove Law Of
    Video   /  
    Physicist Andreas Wahl demonstrates law of physics, he lets go of a giant wrecking ball by his face and let it swing back at him.
    Video   /  
    Takoosa is about a fiercely strong, muscular and raging Viking who attempts to start his day the 'Viking Way' right until he meets his biggest challenge.
    Elmo Remix by Eclectic Method
    Video   /  
    Elmo Says Bounce
    How To Cook That 10 Best Chocolate Truffles
    Video   /  
    From the Australian How to Cook That channel: 10 Best Chocolate Truffles Recipes.
    Flight Over Dwarf Planet Ceres
    Video   /  
    Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Take a flight over dwarf planet Ceres in this video made with images from NASA's Dawn...
    Man Builds Giant SixFoot Wooden Millennium
    Other   /  
    This is the giant wooden Millennium Falcon constructed by woodworker Martin Creaney. A detailed replica of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars made almost entirely out of wood.  The...
    Surfer Drops 40 Feet in Insane Wipeout Crazy
    Video   /  
    Professional surfer Tom Dosland was caught on camera during a scary freefall from a huge wave in Maui, Hawaii, on January 27. Dosland described the incident to Surfer Magazine later,...
    Timelapse Video of Three Weeks of Rocket Launch Prep in Three
    Video   /  
    This timelapse video shows the preparations for LISA Pathfinder’s launch at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The video spans three weeks, starting on 12 November...
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