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    The Most Common Languages Spoken in the US After English and
    Pic   /  
    Using data from the American Community Survey conducted by the Census Bureau, where respondents were asked to list the languages spoken in their household, Ben Blatt from Slate made maps...
    Around the World in 360  Degrees
    Video   /  
    Youtuber and biker Alex Chacon took selfies with a GoPro on a stick during his 600 day trip around the world. The ultimate selfie compilation documented like never before in a 360°...
    Buy My Volvo
    Video   /  
    Sweden-based art director Castor created a personal ad to sell his 93' Volvo 245GL.
    Epic MotherSon Wedding Dance
    Video   /  
    The groom and his mother surprised their guests with a hilarious dance mashup, the bride didn't even know this was going to happen!
    New Edge of Tomorrow Trailer
    Video   /  
    "The epic action of "Edge of Tomorrow" unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the...
    Calamityware horrifying bluechina plates
    Other   /  
    With Calamityware, Don Moyer(on Kickstarter) has turned his much-loved grotesque/horror designs for blue-print china plates into reality. "This design includes a hungry sea monster...
    Internal organs swimsuit
    Swimwear   /  
    Internal organs swimsuit from Black Milk, which features a glorious rendering of its wearer's internal organs.
    Food faces by artist Noah Scalin
    Pic   /  
    Food faces by artist Noah Scalin. More pics after more."The Broad Appétit food and art festival in Richmond, Virginia had me eat meals at eight of the featured restaurants and...
    The Importance of Kindness
    Video   /  
    Animated adaptation of a commencement speech given by George Saunders at Syracuse University, May 2013.
    Bags made from unwanted Leather
    Projects   /  
    Victoria Ledig has created a collection of leather goods made from "unusable leftovers—faces, ears and tails.""Leather is dead animal skin. This is perhaps the raw...
    Jag Grill BBQ Table
    Outdoor   /  
    The Jag Grill is an octagonal table with an integrated firepit and dome, and grilling stations at every seat. Throw the heavy meats in the center, while each one of your guests is free to...
    The Elevator Pitch
    Video   /  
    A fourth-wall breaking trip through the film industry, featuring a plucky intern struggling to get to the top...
    Mickey The Prince of Darkness
    Pic   /  
    By Los Angeles-based artist Dan LuVisi.
    The London Evolution Animation 2 000 Years of London History Visualized on a
    Video   /  
    This film brings together and animates thousands of georeferenced records to visualize the extent of development in London during specific historical periods and the number of structures...
    LIkecool is OK
    News   /  
    These days I changed the skin of site and scrolling datas at the bottom of page, some likecooler tells us problem viewing site. Tell us our site is ok in your mobile, ipad and...
    Disney Characters In Unfortunate Real World
    Pic   /  
    'Unhappily Ever After' by New York City-based artist Jeff Hong, a photos series of Disney characters in unfortunate real world situations. More images after more.
    For the love of Jafflechutes
    Video   /  
    A jafflechute is a grilled cheese sandwich attached to a parachute. And you can get it at Melbourne's first float-down eatery. A sandwich toaster is also known as a jaffle iron, hence the...
    Amazing 8YearOld Girl Sings Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me
    Video   /  
    Angelina Jordan Astar sings Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra ( Originally by Cher/Sonny Bono) She won today's Norway's Got Talent live show.
    Focal Locus Seat
    Seating   /  
    The Focal Locus Seat is constructed of "aluminum, steel, molded furniture-grade plywood and polymers. The seat can comfortably accommodate a person ranging in height from...
    XMen Days of Future Past Trailer Homemade Shot for
    Video   /  
    HOMEMADE version of the X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer
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