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    Bison Bag Sleeping Bag Hammock
    Projects   /  
    Bison Bag(on kickstarter) includes everything (sleeping bag, hammock, rope, carabiners) fits within the sleeping bag bag. The Bison hooks using carabiners to two posts, be it trees...
    Butter Ya Self
    Video   /  
    Created by Julian Petschek at The California Institute of the Arts
    TIL Someone stabilized the entire film
    Video   /  
    A Motion-Stabilized Cloverfield Is Awesomely Unwatchable.
    The Drayton Daybed
    Pet   /  
    The Drayton Daybed is Pets version of a platform bed."this bed is created with a rich renewable crushed bamboo platform that supports a shredded orthopedic foam mattress."
    Lego Cyberpunk City
    Toy   /  
    Lego Cyberpunk City Created by by the BroLUG team, inspried by the 1982 movie Blade Runner. Awesome. The full picture set, here.“It’s a cyberpunk display, near future city,...
    Super Mario dress
    Gaming   /  
    Koala's $60 Super Mario dress looks lovely. It's screened on both sides.
    Weather Versus Climate Change
    Video   /  
    In a preview of this week’s Cosmos episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the vast difference between weather, which is what we notice, and climate, which is global and changes...
    XMen cast do impressions of each other
    Film   /  
    Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen do impressions of each other in Yahoo Movies UK interview.
    Man is stuck in South Korea after his kid doodled all over his
    Pic   /  
    A Chinese man and his four-year-old son are apparently stuck in South Korea because his son used his old man's passport as a drawing book. Now the dad stuck in South Korea now because of...
    Gif Mario and Cat
    Pic   /  
    Monkey Brains Bowl
    Other   /  
    With Firebox's £35 monkey brains bowl and scoop chilled cerebral delicacies straight from its hairy gaping cranium."You can fill it with all sorts of exotic delights like...
    Balletdancers hardest moves in slowmotion
    Video   /  
    Professional dancers from the Washington Ballet show off their most difficult moves, filmed in slow motion.
    22 000 Dominoes
    Video   /  
    Domino artist Hevesh5 took 25+ hours to build (spread over 5 days) 22,000 dominoes for 200,000 Subscribers.
    A Prosthetic Leg Designed for Rock Climbers
    Design   /  
    Kai Lin, a designer and student from Brooklyn, developed Klippa, a prosthetic leg for rock climbers. To make Klippa a functional tool, Lin interviewed climbers and examined how their...
    The Ultimate Rat Tail
    Other   /  
    This is Philly artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright and his rat tail is in the shape of a friggin' rat. Cool
    Goat Riding a Man Riding a Bicycle
    Video   /  
    This goat and his man ride through the streets of Addis Abada, Ethiopia, on a bicycle.
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