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    Tree Root
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    Tree Root, Australia
    Mantis a 2ton walking machine
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    Mantis is a two-tonne walking machine developed by British robotics firm Micromagic Systems. Mantis runs off a 2.2-litre, 50 horsepower turbo diesel engine, and it stands 2.8 meters (9 feet) tall. It can carry a driver across varied terrain, and can also be piloted directly or controlled via Wifi.
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    Apple   /   Comments
    Musical instrument craftsman Vinnie Veen presents his latest invention "the Cobra," a wireless and eco-friendly speakerphone amplifier for iPhone 4 and 5. Cool idea. Order inquiries, contact Veen directly via e-mail.
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    Directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan. The three minute trailer features Superman revealing the true meaning of his “S” to Lois Lane, war on planet Krypton and much more. In theaters June 14th.
    The Crankerator
    The Crankerator($60) lets you charge you iPod/iPhone/iPad on the go, charge it by plugging into a wall, or just crank that handle. It includes a micro USB cable so you can charge it up, via your computer or wall socket, before you hit the road.
    Ricoh's new GR($800) features an APS-C 16 megapixel CMOS, a fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens sensor, ISO sensitivity up to 25600, improved autofocus, and the obligatory 1080p video recording. Designed to offer the best value as the smallest and lightest APS-C sensor compact camera, the Ricoh GR will be available mid-May.
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    What if Disney made Game of Thrones, and Daenerys were a Disney Princess?
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    "NIN-PLAY-DOH launched a hit video game console in the 80s known as the NES with classic accessories like ROB, Power Glove and the Zapper."

    Blandito is a transformable pad for lazy living. For every time you need a break, a snooze, a little bit of sweet idleness, blandito fits your body, wraps it, hugs it. With no hard structure inside, it is soft and malleable.
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    Lip makeup art
    Fruity lip makeup art by artist Eva Senín Pernas.
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    Gif Jump 98535604
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    Mustached Bird
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    Inca Tern, a species of bird, lives in the Pacific coastline from northern Peru south to central Chile. The birds are famous for their manly "mustache".
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    Verico Penpal pencilsharpening drive
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    A'Design Award winner Verico Penpal is a 16GB flash drive that can also be used as a pencil sharpener.
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