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    LEGO caterpillar
    "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" created by LEGO Artist Bruce Lowell out of LEGO bricks.
    Spinning Hawaiian Monk Seal
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    Chapeau lamp
    The hat-inspired table lamp by Philippe Starck lamp offers a whimsical design. The simple form acts as a base whereby the owner can customize it with their own head covering, combining the functions of two things which would otherwise not be associated with one another, resulting in a playful, interactive lighting piece.
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    USB Toilet Speaker
    Plug this toilet-shaped speaker into your computer's USB port for power to play sound. Available for $20 here.
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    Haircut Eraser
    Rubber Barber by Chen Lu Wei for Megawing is an amusing series of haircut erasers. It shaves a hairstyle into a cartoon head. Eventually, it gradually creates various funky hairstyles.
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    Big face animals Tshirts
    These 100% cotton T-shirts by artist Vincent Hie feature big face animals with amazing shaded 3D effect images. There are many animals to choose from, including hamster, baby orangutan, meerkat, pug, owl, chihuahua, etc. Each costs £20.
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    Corn Cob Holders
    These corn cob holders by Lana Filippone present a series of ceramic fingertip grip options, including Pistols, Triceratops, Teerex, Wings, and the extra whimsical Bunny Flourish. They will surely make your enjoying your corn a better experience.
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    Bizarre OneSided Grape Smuggling Underwear For

    Bizarre OneSided Grape Smuggling Underwear For
    The real name of this bizarre pair of men’s undies is “String Latéral Flash Bleu Alter” from French underwear retailer Inderwear. What do you think of the new underwear?
    "Original and ultra sexy string which encloses one side of the waist. Comfort and lateral support is provided by the fabric high elastane content."
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    Mega Man Arm Cannon Pillow And Helmet Set
    This is the $61 Mega Man arm cannon pillow and helmet being sold by E-Capcom(translated) from Japan. Haha, Cool.
    SagBGone Button keeps your jeans up when they start to sag and
    "A good solution for people who don't like belts or suspenders and also don't like it when their jeans start to stretch and get saggy as the day goes on: the 'Sag-B-Gone' no-sew dungaree button!"
    From $4.12.
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    Japanese Lantern Signal

    Japanese Lantern Signal
    Japanese Lantern Signal
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