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    Custom flipflops
    Shoe   /   Comments
    Follow me, bring beer.... More phrases you can think of can be embossed at the bottom of the custom flip-flops. Wear the cool flip-flops and leave a message on the sands. $20
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    Aerial beach photographs
    Pic   /   Comments
    A series of colorful aerial bench shots by Hollywood-based photographer Gray Malin.
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    Stilly Gif App for iPhone
    Tech   /   Comments
    Stilly created by Ian Broyles is an iOS app for iPhone that allows users to created short, looping animated GIFs by pressing a single button. The app is currently available to download from the iTunes App Store.
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    Video   /   Comments
    Two year old Diogo Mello and his father sing and play The Beatles classic ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. Cute!
    Video   /   Comments
    French tourist Jean Vivier shot this incredible color footage of the streets and people of New York City in 1939.
    The August Smart Lock

    The August Smart Lock is a new product by designer Yves Béhar and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson, which updates the humble door lock for the "Internet of Things" era. The August Smart Lock fits onto existing door deadbolts, and its designers reckon that installation should be a quick two-screw job for around 90 percent of US-based deadbolts. Once it's up and running, users simply approach their door with their iPhone.
    The August Smart Lock’s social networking features allow users to issue up to 10 "virtual keys" for their iPhone-owning guests. This access can be set to be valid during a certain time frame only, and is also logged, thus lending a greater degree of security than simply cutting a spare key and hoping for the best. The August Smart Lock utilizes rechargeable AA batteries as a power source, so it stays online even in the event of a power outage. Other features include a log record so you can see who entered and exited your home as well as the date and time they did, invite lists, a guestbook feature, and auto-unlock.
    Pre-orders for the smart lock are currently open for $199.
    Han Solo in Carbonite Light Switch
    This is a working UL approved switch installed in the crotch of an icon of pop culture, Han Solo in Carbon Freeze. It can be installed directly to the wall over an existing switch outlet. It may be a bit dirty.
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    Stout Bottle Opener
    Stout Bottle Opener is a magnetic, mountable and stainless steel bottle opener. It is thoughtful design crafted to last a lifetime. The opener has a built-in magnet that keeps caps from falling away.
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    Baby Mugging
    Baby   /   Comments
    The Baby Mugging from mommyshorts is a group of funny photos captured by putting adorable baby on the floor and holding a mug in front of him/her. The photos give us the illusion that the babies enjoy the fun with their lower part in the mug.
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    Burger King Whopper Holder

    Burger King debuts a hand-free burger holder - Whopper Holder, to celebrate the chain's 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico. "The video featuring a 'hands-free' Whopper Sandwich holder was produced by an agency in Puerto Rico to celebrate the brand and the iconic Whopper Sandwich in a humorous way. However, the product depicted in the spot was not produced, or distributed to guests as some reports indicate," reads the short statement from Burger King to CNBC.
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    Simplified Blogging
    Pic   /   Comments
    Simplified Blogging
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    Cups With Bite
    Other   /   Comments
    Make your cups cute and attractive with these animal papercut. Simply select your favorite animal and slide over your cup. $12. There are 10 animal options to choose from.
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    The Kama Sutra of Sleeping for Couples

    The Kama Sutra of Sleeping for Couples
    Pic   /   Comments
    “The Kama Sutra of Sleeping for Couples” by ChaosLife, Part 1, Part 2. 
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