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    The Difference Between Japanese and American Superheroes
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    The difference between Japanese and American Superheroes
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    The Time-Lapse video of Dubai in January 2013 by photographer Dima Vazhnik.
    Canon 7D
    Sigma 10-20 mm 3.5
    Canon 24-105 mm 4
    Sigma 30 mm 1.4
    Benro C-257 tripod
    Sound: Foreground set - Go with the wind
    Gif disappear
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    ClimateControlled Box of Bacon
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    How about climate-controlled boxes filled with tasty strips of bacon by Oscar Meyer? Oscar Mayer has packaged their bacon into collectible boxes and sets that have a touch of class and loads of bacon. The special edition item features 18-20 slices of Oscar Mayer bacon delicately placed inside a plush velvet jeweler’s box and comes in three different sets:
    - The Commander ($22), which comes with a stainless steel money-clip engraved with the words ‘Bringin’ it Home’ and an image of a bacon strip;
    - The Matador ($28), which features two handsome bacon strip cufflinks; and
    - The Woodsman ($25), which includes a rugged 12 function multitool with a bacon strip image carved into the handle.
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    Fifty years ago, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit Mt. Everest.
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    Here's a capella cover of the Game of Thrones theme song by The Warp Zone. Funny.
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    This UK TV ad for the Department for Transport's anti drink-drive campaign! The ad purports to be a hidden camera stunt where men walk into a public toilet and are confronted with a body smashing through the mirror, as if through a car windshield, as they wash their hands. In fact, the men were played by actors, but the spot, by Leo Burnett London, is sure to shock viewers. Its message is to "think what impact a drink could have on your night out"
    PocketStrings helps guitarist practice guitar on the
    PocketStrings is perfect for the guitarist that wants a super portable practice tool that fits almost anywhere. The wood guitar Raised strum pad to simulate strumming.
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    Flurry cow
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    This flurry cow from a German farm has become famous for its flurry body. So adorable.
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    Sneaker Umbrella Stand
    Don't get cheated. It's an umbrella stand, just designed in the shape of sneakers. The stand can be placed at the foyer to hold umbrellas. It is made of pottery and real strings.
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    Puppy born with a mustache
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    The puppy would be the most masculine puppy in the world, as he was born with a mustache.
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    Nokia and Warner Bros. Pictures have teamed up and released this new teaser trailer for Man of Steel. This trailer features brand new clips from the movie and a whole lot of action. Amazing. Man of Steel hits US theaters on June 14th.
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