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    How To Pick The Perfect Video Game To Play
    Pic   /  
    This is a flowchart made by the folks at Silver Oak Online Casino of how to pick the perfect video game to play. Big pic!"The games below aren’t always the latest in a series. Each...
    ShortcutS Photoshop Keyboard
    Projects   /  
    The Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard is a keyboard deigned to Photoshop. It comes with 319 keys (299 preset command keys and 20 customize keys) with 372 functions, filters, tools and menus...
    Slow Motion Video of nbsp Automatic Assault Rifle at
    Video   /  
    This is a video shows you the mechanical workings of a fully automatic M4 Carbine with holographic sight as it fires 30 rounds in just over 2 seconds(at 18,000fps).
    The Poppy urn your iPhone into a 3D photo Camera
    Apple   /  
    It is called Poppy($60), It's a lens that turns your iPhone into a 3D camera and a 3D viewer all in one. Poppy uses mirrors and optics to capture two images from slightly different angles...
    A Building Shedding a Plant Like a Snak
    Pic   /  
    This photo was posted by Redditor this bores me.
    A 35 000 Renovation Turned This Suburban Home Into a Cat
    Design   /  
    Located in Goleta, California, this 90′s home received a $35,000 upgrade by Trillium Enterprises. Custom tunnels, walkways, ledges to his home so that they could have fun...
    Land Rover Autobiography Dynamic
    Coupe   /  
    Land Rover is bringing its top-of-the-line Autobiography trim to one of its most popular models, the Evoque. The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic features a 2-liter...
    The World s Fastest Jet Powered Truck
    Video   /  
    Built in 1984 by drag racing legend Les Shockley, the Shockwave packs three Pratt & Whitney J34-48 engines—the same used in the T2A Buckeye naval trainer—onto its...
    Faces of Olympic Figure Skating
    Pic   /  
    Face of figure ice skaters at Sochi. . Look at their beautiful motion getting frozen into a horrible derpy freak show... More photos jump more.
    The Science of Figure Skating
    Video   /  
    The amazing physics behind figure skating!
    Raccoon Popping Bubble Wrap
    Video   /  
    A raccoon has fun popping bubble wrap, like us.
    3D Printed corset by Samuel N Bernier
    Design   /  
    Samuel N. Bernier created this 3D printed corset from a 3D Scan for his girlfriend. More images jump more.
    The MTT136  an AllTerrain Electric Tracked
    Other   /  
    Developed by Québécois inventor Yvon Martel, it's called the MTT-136. The idea itself is pretty simple: put an electric motor and battery pack inside an aluminum box...
    Honest Movie Trailers Gravity
    Video   /  
    Honest Movie Trailers: Gravity
    Juggler with hats Svetlana Bakunova
    Video   /  
    Juggler with hats
    FlayedSkin Domino Mask
    Other   /  
    Makeup artist Psycho Sandra created an amazing, gross-out effect for her Hallowe'en costume last year: she created the illusion that she had made a domino mask of her own flayed...
    Evolution of HipHop Dancing  Jimmy Fallon  Will
    Video   /  
    Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith perform "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing"
    The Sounds of Women s Curling
    Video   /  
    A montage from the 2014 Olympics Women's Curling competition.
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