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    Mermaidinspired Mertailor
    Eric Ducharme, 22, has been obsessed with mermaids for as long as he can remember, taking his passion to a peculiar, public lifestyle in Florida's waterways with his handmade fake fin - Mertailor.
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    Dinosaur beard
    Beard shaved in the shape of dinosaur.
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    Gif doors
    Lancy Bungee Stretch Bootie
    From DKNY's spring shoe collection.
    "This bootie is a totally unique hybrid of stiletto and activewear. The shoe features bungee detailing and an open mesh stitch, while the 110mm (4.3") heel really gives the wearer a lift."
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    Patterned Paint Roller Kit
    Patterned Paint Roller Kit from etsy seller Clare Bosanquet.
    "This is the applicator to use on walls with our patterned paint rollers to create a wallpaper look."
    To celebrate the re-opening of the museum a flash mob was staged in a local shopping mall. This video shows performers taking part in a large-scale flashmob recreation of Rembrandt's famous painting "The Night Watch".
    Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos
    Talking Bellies Temporary Tattoos a kit of temporary tattoo face parts to make your tummy look like a face.
    "Mix and match mustaches, eyes, noses, and eyebrows to create six different faces. Just add water and apply and get ready for some gut-wrenching laughs!"
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    "Different people want to pay for their parking in different ways. PARKd is a concept that offers this flexibility. Providing the opportunity for the user to choose the option they feel comfortable with, PARKd creates a relaxed, efficient experience that alleviates the frustrations and anxiety that traditional parking meters can cause."
    Iridescent iPhone skins
    See your iPhone shimmer like never before with the $35 Clear-Coat's Aurora skin. The skin has an ever-changing aurora to customize your iPhone's finish by just moving it about.
    Cacoon swing chair
    Cacoon by husband and wife team Nick and Sarah is a swing chair, a hammock, a hanging garden seat and whatever you want it to be. It is the coolest hanging haven for grown-ups and a fantastic place for growing up in for kids.
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    Typographic furniture

    Typographic furniture
    The TABISSO's Typographic Furniture Collection would be the best choice to personalize your home. The collection includes chairs and lamps designed in the shape of alphabetic letters, quotation marks and punctuation marks.
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    Shirt made out of 6 500 screws
    The Laguna Beach-based artist Andrew Myers has recently created a 4 foot by 4 foot sculpture of a men's dress shirt out of 6,500 screws.
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    This is a short fiction film about an imaginative young girl and her teddy bear on a quest to travel in time after watching ""Back to the Future Part II.""
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