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    SagBGone Button keeps your jeans up when they start to sag and
    "A good solution for people who don't like belts or suspenders and also don't like it when their jeans start to stretch and get saggy as the day goes on: the 'Sag-B-Gone' no-sew dungaree button!"
    From $4.12.
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    Japanese Lantern Signal

    Japanese Lantern Signal
    Japanese Lantern Signal
    Road Popper
    The Road Popper is a bottle opener that is mounted underneath your bike seat. Although it is a convenient tool, we suggest avoiding alcoholic beverages whilst biking to keep you safe.
    The sofas, entitled "Handheld", seems to be made out of human skin. Actually, they are made from casts of the palms and backs of the hands of British artist Jessica Harrison.
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    NOTA Coffee Mug
    NOTA Coffee Mug by designer Lee Hae Seung Scott prevents user's spoon from sliding in the cup, and thus avoid clangs.
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    Grip Clip a pen hoder on glasses
    A Grip Clip is a piece of soft plastic that can slide onto your glasses and hold a pencil, pen, or other similarly sized object. It is a cool tool to keep your pens available to you whenever and wherever.
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    Holes in the memory
    Holes in the memory - A series of over 20 old family photos inspired artworks in various dimensions, made strictly of holes using a 0.5mm needle on canvas by Tel Aviv-based artist Michal Taharlev.
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    Radiant Images Novo Camera
    "The Novo, developed and engineered by View Factor Studios in collaboration with Radiant Images, is a re-housed GoPro Hero3 that is even smaller in size and much more flexible and robust for cinematic purposes"
    Radiant Images has released its Novo Camera, a camera 20% thinner than the Hero3, and which include the high resolution 12MP sensor and all of its shooting modes, LCD touchscreen, WIFI and power backpack capability, and an interchangeable lens mount.
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    Corner Cutting Board
    From the website:
    "This hard-rock maple board converts a counter corner into efficient working space. The counter clip on this Boos corner cutting board secures to a 90-degree corner angle. Built from premium solid northern hard-rock maple wood of edge-grain construction, it also features a routed drip groove to collect juices and keep the counter clean."
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    A short film by Nicolas Devaux. 5m80 is 5 meters and 80 centimeters (19.03 feet) which is the average height of a grown-up giraffe. So, it's a film about giraffes. Giraffes in a swimming pool to be exactly.
    Vietnam Unveils a FireBreathing Dragon Bridge

    A Dragon Bridge over the Han River in Da Nang was opened for traffic last week. Work began on the Dragon Bridge in July 2009, which is 666 metres long and 37.5 metres wide, with six lanes for traffic. Costing VND1.7 trillion (around £55m, $85m), on special occasions, the dragon is capable of releasing bursts of fire from its mouth and can spit water.
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    Benjamins sweater
    The Benjamins sweater by Revolution Riche is hand printed with bank notes. The cool design is definitely a one of a kind.
    The trailer has just hit for District 9 director Neill Blomkamp's new sci-fi picture Elysium, starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley.
    "The new Elysium trailer show you a glimpse of the film that takes place on a ravaged Earth and a space habitat named Elysium In the year 2154. Within the Elysium trailer two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a pristine man-made space station that is disguised as a massive floating city called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth."
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