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    Metal Head Transforms Shovel into OneString
    Video   /  
    Musician Rob Scallon transformed a shovel into a one-string guitar and then performed with it for our watching pleasure.
    Rimac s 1088hp ConceptOne Hypercar
    Concept   /  
    Rimac Automobili has announced that it will be unveiling the production version of its all-electric hypercar called the Concpet_One at Geneva. If you are unfamiliar with this car, it is...
    The Chemistry of Lighting a Match In Super Slow
    Video   /  
    To fire up the grill or the gas stove, we often reach for a match. It turns out there’s a lot of chemistry going on to make those little wooden wonders work. The best way to find...
    What If We Killed All the Mosquitoes
    Video   /  
    With the Zika virus in the news, some people have wondered why we don't just kill them ALL.
    The Hangover Cup A Giant Sippy Cup For Adults
    Gadget   /  
    This is the Hangover Cup, a $15 oversized sippy cup for adults who drank too much the night before. It holds up to a liter of liquid, which should make a large enough cocktail to...
    Nikon DL Cameras
    Camera   /  
    Nikon is introducing a new line of premium point-and-shoots, called DL. This series consists of three different cameras -- the DL24-85, DL18-50 and DL24-500 -- each named after the type...
    Watch Trailer for Taika Waititi s Hunt for the
    Film   /  
    Newcomer Julian Dennison plays Ricky Baker, a troublemaker kid from the city who ends up with a foster care family in a rural part of the country, with his new parents, Aunt Bella and...
    100 Years Of Hair Styles
    Video   /  
    100 Years Of USA Men Hair Styles
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Whitewashing
    Video   /  
    "With the academy awards coming up, Last Week Tonight asks: Hollywood whitewashing...how is this still a thing? "
    NASA  s Unexplained Files Looks Into the Mysterious Outer Space
    Video   /  
    "During transits around the far side of the moon, Apollo astronauts recorded strange "music" on their communication equipment."
    100 Years of Women in Film in 3 Minutes
    Video   /  
    "The leading ladies, heroines, and bombshells of the movies have captivated us ever since film's first flicker. We review a century's worth of iconic screen sirens with help from the...
    How to Make Blooming Paper Flowers That Open When You Add Them to
    Video   /  
    Make a self opening paper flower that opens when you add water. Fun craft idea to do with kids. You could leave a Valentines message inside and surprise a loved one. Be amazed as you...
    A Combined Honest Trailer for the Eight 2016 Best Picture Oscar
    Video   /  
    With the 2016 Oscars this weekend, we're giving you all the reasons why the Best Picture nominatees REALLY got nominated. The Academy presents our mega-Honest Trailer featuring The...
    Best Train Driver Announcement
    Video   /  
    "In England at least..."
    Atlas Boston Dynamics New Robot
    Tech   /  
    A new version of Atlas, designed to operate outdoors and inside buildings. It is specialized for mobile manipulation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. It uses...
    The Edible Spoon Maker
    Kitchen   /  
    A genius innovator who loves to eat and hates to wash dishes devised a machine that produces edible spoons from store-bought dough. This Edible Spoon Maker makes edible spoons. It uses...
    Digital Art On Woman  s Face Will Blow Your Mind
    Video   /  
    "Asai when Intel tech and real-time face tracking combine to transform one woman's face into an hypnotic living lightshow unlike anything you’ve seen before."
    This Man Is Building A Cathedral By Himself
    Video   /  
    "One ex-monk has spent the last 55 years building his own cathedral, without permits, plans, or the Church's benediction"
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