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    Waves of Grain timelapse video of wood being planed
    Video   /  
    Images by Keith SkretchSound by Ennio Morricone, "The Big Gundown"To create this strata-cut animation, I planed down a block of wood one layer at a time, photographing it at...
    Parking Armor A bumper for your bumper
    Other   /  
    You might want Parking Armor, a padded bumper you strap to the center of your bumper. A weird product.$69.95.
    Optimus Prime cookie cutter
    Other   /  
    Etsy seller Cookie Prints makes these Optimus Prime Cookie Cutters out of biodegradable PLA. The same seller also does Tinkerbell, Ghostbusters, Superman and more. Prices range from...
    Woman s Creativity Lends Charm to the Bathroom Mirror
    Pic   /  
    Instagram user Mirrorsme creates these whimsical drawings on her bathroom mirror. She writes,"I bought my last markers in New York, and the sales person just couldn’t...
    ResumAle a 4pack of blonde ale to send to potential
    Other   /  
    Created by Brennan Gleason, a graphic designer from Fraser Valley, British Columbia . It’s a Resum-Ale, a 4-pack of beer he’s sending to potential...
    Leaked Star Wars Airport
    Video   /  
    Made by Frank Wunderlich."Looks like the Story of Star Wars plays on Earth too in the next Episode. I took these pictures on my Flight back from the States to Germany at the...
    Pawsitively Bemused Mug
    Other   /  
    Pawsitively Bemused Mug, cool, $20
    Bullfrogs In Slow Motion
    Video   /  
    During a torrential downpour at Robert Frost Farm, Michael Sutton ventured into the forest which hides a frog pond and decided to film Bullfrogs in slow motion.
    7 Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True
    Video   /  
    7 Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True
    Transforming Tea Bags
    Design   /  
    These are transforming tea bags. "Transforming tea - chamomile tea bags with stressing symbols turn into calm ones once the tea is dissolved." They were created by ad agency...
    Business Cat Tie
    Pet   /  
    Check out this business cat tie for your cat's business meeting or wedding. They’re available from Amazon for about $7.50(USD) each.
    66 Communication gestures translated
    Pic   /  
    They say wild chimps communicate 19 specific messages to one another with a "lexicon" of 66 gestures. The scientists discovered this by following and filming communities of...
    iZZi Silm iPhone Camera Case
    Apple   /  
    Based on a successful kickstarter campaign, the iZZi Silm iPhone Camera Case($110) features a built-in 4-in-1 lens solution for iPhone 5/5s, simply turn the spindle and choose from four...
    This Is How the US Navy Celebrates the Fourth of
    Video   /  
    Forget your home-grown fireworks: the U.S. Navy will celebrate with missiles and rockets and guns explosives and flames and smoke. Happy Independence Day!
    Video   /  
    A man goes to a job interview. He tries his best to impress the interviewers. However, he doesn't know what the job is.
    Social Pool by artist Alfredo Barsuglia in the middle of the Mojave
    Projects   /  
    A view of artist Alfredo Barsuglia's "Social Pool," which he installed in a patch of road-less desert in the middle of the Mojave, Southern California. The swimming pool located...
    29 Celebrity Impressions
    Video   /  
    Rob Cantor performs 'Perfect' from his new album 'Not A Trampoline.' The song is made up of 29 celebrity impressions. Piano by Andrew Horowitz.
    Real World Third Person Oculus Rift
    Tech   /  
    The idea is to develop Virtual Reality in a Third Person Perspective view. This wearable can enchance human visual performance for use in real world applications where extended vision...
    The Most Distinctive  Fourth of July  Songs in 50 US
    Pic   /  
    Spotify has created a map shows the most distinctive “Fourth of July” song for each state."This represents the song out of this playlist that the people in a particular...
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