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    Dutch Viper
    Dutch Viper.  Impressive photograph.
    lightskin LED seat post
    The Lightskin LED seat post equipped with 5 LED, waterproof lights built right in, just replace your standard seat post with this stylish device. The lights can be powered for 50 hours on just 2 AA batteries.
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    The new advertising campaign from Evian.
    Chillin  thinkin  bout life and stuff
    Chillin’ thinkin’ bout life and stuff.
    Escher Reptile Flooring
    These lizards geometric flooring design in the style of MC Escher were created by Madrid flooring contractor Arbore.
    Richie Trimble rided this hand-built 14.5 feet tall bike at last Sunday at Los Angeles's CicLAvia. Trimble recorded his nerve-wracking 20 mile ride to Venice Beach with a GoPro camera that was attached to his chest. Awesome!
    "14.5ft at the Seat
    Built in 12 work hours
    One Huffy beach cruiser, 2" square tubing, 3/4" round tubing, and 1" round tubing
    26" single speed coaster brake wheelset
    6 1/2 single speed bicycle chains (32.5ft of chain)
    To bend the pipe i used an upside down shopping cart and a split log. Ghetto, i know, but hey - IT WORKS
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    The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
    Pop Chart Lab presents the genealogy of video game controllers. Full resolution version available here.
    Cup Holder For Your French Fries That Fits Your Car  s Cup
    The Potato Holder is available at McDonald’s in Japan. To help people gain ‘easier access’ to their fries while driving, McDonald’s Japan will be introducing a new ‘potato holder’.Customers in Japan who purchase an extra value meal, with a large order of fries, will receive a free French fries holder for their cars. I want one.
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    Siva Cycle  s Atom Generator charges your connected device while you  re pedaling around

    Siva Cycle's new Atom power generator, it can charge your connected device while you’re pedaling around town. Siva Cycle’s Atom generator contains the generator, the detachable battery pack, a USB port that you’re supposed to install under your seat, and a ribbon cable to connect the two. The Atom is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $95 will get you one of your very own.
    "The Atom is a lightweight, highly efficient bicycle generator and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB. "
    Sandwich art
    Since May 2008, the caring dad David Laferriere has been drawing more than 1,100 characters on his kids' sandwich bags with a sharpie marker, without letting his kids know that until they pack them for lunch. Great father!
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    Cheese Grater Kitchen Lamp
    The Cheese Grater Kitchen Lamp is made by Dominique of ViolettGerbera, who is inspired by a lamp that appeared on That's 70s Show, you can make one yourself and have the finest, or coarsest, lighting for your kitchen.
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    Edible outfits
    Korean fine artist Yeonju Sung creates the Wearable Foods, a series of one-piece dress images. The edible dresses are made from ordinary foods, including tomato, banana, eggplant, spring onion, white raddish, etc.
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