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    The trailer for the next installment in the Maze Runner franchise has been released.
    Anticipate Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials to be released in 3D, 2D and IMAX formats on September 18.
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    A bunch of tiny ducklings fllowing a spinning Yo-Yo with their adorable little heads.
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    100 Years of Beauty in the Philippines
    This Bridge Is Made From Nothing But 22 000 Sheets of
    No glue. No cables. No steel reinforcements. British artist Steve Messam has installed a weight-bearing bridge across a stream in the UK's Lake District using about 22,000 sheets of bright red paper (+ slideshow). It’s called PaperBridge, commissioned by the Lakes Culture tourism organisation.  First, an arched plywood form was placed between the two supports, enabling the blocks to be stacked in position across the river. A 1.5-degree wedge was placed between each block and the final wedge was hammered into the apex to create the correct compression along the bottom edge, before the wooden former was removed. The bridge is held in place entirely by compression; no glue or other fixings are used. As you can see, the finished product—which will be removed and recycled after today—is more than strong enough to support its own weight. And the weight of at least a couple rubber booted-humans, dogs, and children, too. More pics after more.
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    Making real Predator blades that are sharp and retractable is bad ass by Man at
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    Man at Arms: this time they recreated the retractable wrist blades from Predator  from the Alien vs. Predator movie.  The design is especially sick because they made the entire gauntlet that Predators wear on their wrist and it can quickly shoot out with one motion.
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    Electroloom the World s First 3D Fabric Printer
    Inspired by 3D printers, the idea came from a gang of entrepreneurs after working at California Polytechnic State University. This unique process of creating fabric from scratch is called electrospinning, "an electrospinning process to convert liquid solutions into solid fibers which are then deposited onto a 3D mold. We call this process Field Guided Fabrication, or FGF. Essentially, an internal electric field inside of the machine's chamber guides fibers onto a 3D shape, where they bond together."  Currently, the Electroloom has crafted tank tops, skirts, and hats, but you can seemingly make anything you design.
    "What it is
     The Electroloom Developer Kit is a tool for designing and manufacturing custom 3D fabrics. When interacting with our machine, there is no need for thread, needles, or sewing. Instead, our users need only some simple CAD skills to design their patterns, and the Electroloom does the rest.
    Behind the scenes, our technology reduces the traditional textile manufacturing process into a single step. Instead of sending raw material through factories where it undergoes numerous processing steps to create a traditional textile, we are able to directly convert raw material to finished good
    The Electroloom, currently is funding on the Kickstarter, here.
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    Porsche Boxster And 911 Carrera Get A Black
    Porsche has announced a special series for the 911 Carrera and Boxster called Black Edition. The Porsche 911 Carrera Black Edition is based on the entry-level model with a 3.4-liter flat-six engine producing 350PS (345hp), featurig 20-inch turbo wheels, LED headlights including the Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus, and a Bose sound system standard. The Boxster will have a 256 hp 2.7L flat-six with a soft top and roll bars in black, 20-inch Carrera Classic wheels, and bi-xenon headlights with the Porsche Dynamic Light System.
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    CollegeHumor  offers an early look at some great new features of the iPhone 6S
    The Pikaplant Automatic Plant Watering Tray
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    The Pikaplant is a  sleek and simple piece that helps your plants survive and grow even if you forget to water it. This Dutch-designed system uses a wet-dry cycle to irrigate your plants in the same manner as nature.
    "When we designed Tableau's irrigation system, we looked to an obvious source for inspiration, nature. In nature a plant gets its water in a wet-dry cycle. The wet allows roots to absorb water. The dry lets them air out and breathe. This is good for a plant's roots, making it grow strong and healthy. "
    Check out its KickStarter page, and pledge €125 for a limited time to get €70 off regular price.
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    You Can Rent This Complete 2Bedroom House That Floats along the
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    Airbnb's fully functioning floating house sets sail along the river thames. This is a house with a fully functional kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms . The dwelling stands at eight meters in height and weighs 70 tonnes. There’s a steering wheel in that kitchen, which is something that most household kitchens can’t boast of. It’s a lot more than a houseboat. There’s a backyard with a living apple tree, real grass, and a doghouse. Airbnb offers it for rent until May 22.
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    Andy Stewart and friends equipped a  DJI Phantom drone with a pair of Roman candles and sent the guys running around in the snow without shirts.
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