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    Sport   /  
    Tiwal is inflatable sailing dinghy, and easy to store.  It’s versatile design allows for both high performance solo use and leisure sailing in pairs. TIWAL 3.2 is 3,20m...
    Ninja Schoolgirls  nbsp Japanese High School students Chase
    Video   /  
    Japanese High School students Chase Ninjia
    KEE Desk Phone Dock
    Apple   /  
    With KEE Desk Phone Dock, use your iPhone as your one and only integrated wired desk phone in your office or home environment. You can make and receive calls like you did with an ordinary...
    Man carries motorbike on head effortlessly
    Video   /  
    Balancing anything on your head isn't easy. When the item is a motorbike and you're doing it on a ladder, you are entering the realm of feats that must be seen to be believed.With the...
    Game of Phones An Iron Throne for Your Phone
    Apple   /  
    Imgurian tumb1r has decided to create a mini iron throne for his mobile phone with styrofoam, weatherproofing foam tape, mini cocktail swords, and hot glue. You can check out the full...
    BBQ For The Homeless
    Video   /  
    BBQ For The Homeless
    Futurama In 3D
    Video   /  
    Russian artist Alexey Zakharov made a 30-second movie of what the animated science fiction sitcom Futurama would look like in 3D. Cool
    The Moodsharing Wine Glass
    Other   /  
    This wine glass by Etsy seller Shattering Sentiments will give other people a not so subtle clue as to how your day has been. The 20 oz hand- etched wine glass has three distinct zones:...
    Original Slip N Slide patent 1961
    Pic   /  
    This is the original slide, patented in 1961, was relatively high-tech in its day. It was inspired by the long, durable-yet-flexible design of the filmstrip, and invented to turn an...
    This Iceberg Looks Like Batman
    Pic   /  
    This iceberg looks like Batman. Haha.
    Disabled Dogs In Wheelcarts Play In Field
    Video   /  
    Disabled Dogs in wheelcart playing with a stick
    One Fast Cat An Affordable Hamster Wheel For
    Pet   /  
    This is a $200 One Fast Cat running wheel, an exercise wheel for cats. Some features to note are that it’s made from recycled plastics and its “surface is made from a closed...
    Japanese Pikachu Cafe Serves Pikachu Themed Eats
    Other   /  
    These are shots of some of the foot items available at the Pikachu Cafe in Japan. The cafe will be open for a limited time (until August 31st) outside the Pokemon XY movie exhibit at...
    41 Facts About Dogs
    Video   /  
    This week, John shares some paw-some facts about dogs.
    Laptop   /  
    Kickflip($18) is attached to the bottom of your laptop with a removable and repositionable adhesive. When you need a lift, simply flip the Kickflip out and kick back and enjoy the comfort...
    All I Do Is Farm
    Video   /  
    All I Do Is Farm (All I Do is Win Parody)
    Fuut Desk Foot Rest
    Design   /  
    A compact hammock for your feet that hangs under your desk and raises or lowers to put you in a working or slacking mood as needed. Available in one of six different colors for just $30,...
    Beautiful Baby Bump Paintings
    Projects   /  
    Carrie Preston, an artist in Cornwall, UK. She explains, “I paint bumps! It may seem completely mad to some people, in fact some even go as far to describe it as vulgar. I...
    Street Fighter Crazy Drunk Russians Edition
    Video   /  
    This is a video of two drunk as f*** Ruskies doing battle, which somebody added Street Fighter music and sound effects to. Haha!
    8Bit Character Sprites Made Real Are A Little
    Pic   /  
    Artist Scott Johnson translated 8-bit old game characters into something more realistic.
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