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    Sand Marble Race 500 feet part 2
    Video   /  
    Guess which marble will win this race!
    Raw Aftermath of Deadly Yesterday s Japan
    Video   /  
    Completely flattened houses and rubble were scattered in Mashiki, Kumamoto prefecture on Friday, one day after the magnitude 6.5 earthquake hit southern Japan, killing at least nine...
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    Everything You Need to Remember From Game of Thrones Season 5 to Be Ready for the Season 6
    Video   /  
    Season six of Game of Thrones is coming up Sunday, April 24th. Here is a map and guide of where we left off with everyone at the end of season five.
    Master Angler Teaches You How To Catch A Fish In One
    Video   /  
    "Fly fishing for trout, trying to catch a fish in a minute ... or less:)"
    What Does This Emoji Mean
    Video   /  
    There is a new study that found that people often have very different interpretations of what emojis mean. This inspired us to conduct our own experiment. We went out on the street and we...
    How to Make an Elder Scroll From Skyrim
    Video   /  
    Make Your Elder Scroll From Skyrim
    Bendito Machine V
    Video   /  
    Finally, the 5th installment of the machine's saga!
    Semcon s Smart Engine Turns Any Bike Electric
    Bike   /  
    Tech company Semcon developed a "smart engine" prototype that will be capable of turning any bike into an electric-powered cycle for the cost of only $100. The engine is...
    Meow Adele s Hello Parody with Kittens
    Video   /  
    Meow! An Adorable Parody of the Adele Song 'Hello' Promoting Cat Adoption at the East Bay SPCA
    Godzilla Terrorizes and Destroys Japan in a Powerful New Trailer for  Godzilla
    Film   /  
    The Toho film studio has released a new trailer for Godzilla Resurgence, the upcoming 31st film in the Godzilla franchise co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. In theaters...
    New Google Calendar Goals Feature Helps Users Find Time to Complete Personal
    Video   /  
    "Goals are hard work. Whether you want to read more books, learn a new language or work out regularly, it's getting harder and harder to find the time even when your goal really...
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    Relaxing Footage of a Zucchini Being Peeled in
    Video   /  
    Peeling on the Zucchini in Reverse
    Russian Figher Jets Fly Dangerously Close To US Navy
    Video   /  
    U.S. Navy ship encounters aggressive Russian aircraft in Baltic Sea "A United States Navy Destroyer operating in international waters in the Baltic Sea experienced several close...
    1940s Swing Cover of Gwen Stefani s Hollaback
    Video   /  
    New York-based vocalist and model, Robyn Adele Anderson, and the Postmodern Jukebox Band perform a brilliant vintage swing rendition of Gwen Stefani's 2006 pop hit, "Hollaback...
    New World Record Super Mario Bros Beaten In Under Five
    Video   /  
    Speedrunner Darbian has just made history by beating the game in just five minutes. “I have reached my potential in this category.” Bravo nerd, bravo.
    How A Modern TV Show Is Made
    Video   /  
    From script to screen making a TV show is a fast and furious process. Here's how they get made. We took a look inside one of the best shows on television, The Americans to see how they go...
    How Realistic Is Donald Trump s Healthcare Plan
    Video   /  
    "Donald Trump’s propositions for healthcare reform would lead to a decline in quality and quantity of coverage across the country, explains Atlantic staff writer Vann R....
    Kobe Bryant 60 Points Highlights
    Video   /  
    Here Are The Highlights
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