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    Apple   /   Comments
    Chipster by pstypelab design studio, which is an iPhone case is made from 100% recycled chipboard.
    Hand Tree wearable air purifier
    Tech   /   Comments
    The Hand Tree by Russian student Alexander Kostin is a personal air purifier concept, which is cleaning the air around us with a wearable appliance accessory. If every inhabitant in a big city would wear such a device, we would be all to breathe easily in a smoggy air.
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    Video   /   Comments
    "Meet our son Indigo who was born on the 9th July 2012. From that day my wife and I videoed Indigo at least once a day, every day up to a year old. For his first birthday we've spent some time putting together a video of his entire first year."
    Beautiful Arctic Fox
    Pic   /   Comments
    Beautiful arctic fox
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    Quartz Armchair
    Quartz is an armchair designed by CTRL ZAK and Davide Barzaghi, the result of a mathematical series applied to furnishings. The two-dimensional structure in beechwood – pentagons and hexagons – develops three-dimensionally in space thanks to the volumising effect of the stuffing, upholstered with natural fibres. Thus, a comforting, wraparound micro-habitat is created in this grid enriched with geometric shapes. $14,000
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    Throwable ballshaped camera
    Boston-based inventor Steve Hollinger has invented the Squito, a throwable ball-shaped camera that utilizes position and orientation sensors to capture and process 360-degree images over the course of its airborne trajectory by the three panoramic cameras. It uses orientation sensors to know when to take the images before stitching the multiple pictures together to create a single panoramic aerial shot.
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    Video   /   Comments
    Trevor attempts to woo a mate in the urban jungle.
    Japanese exoskeleton promises to make schoolgirls taller
    Tech   /   Comments

    At first glance, the presentation appears to be something of a joke, a robotically cheery schoolgirl wearing the suit. But in this video above, you can watch a man wears the device onto the streets of Japan to show off its stair climbing and running ability. At one point, the video even shows the master-slave controlled hand of the suit delicately cracking an egg.
    Created by Sagawa Electronics, the Powered Jacket MK3 is an exoskeleton suit that can be used to travel around the city and even pick up small objects. The suit weighs about 55 pounds and stands roughly seven feet tall, giving the wearer an imposing profile despite the device's "lightweight" build. According to the website, the exoskeleton will be offered in limited numbers to those interested and will sell for a whopping $123,000 starting this month.
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    AutoOn Off LED Drawer Lights
    This ingenious little battery-powered LED strip light turns on when you open a drawer and shuts off automatically when you close it.
    Good idea!
    Wirelessly charge your device on DuPont Corian
    Tech   /   Comments
    DuPont has teamed up with the PMA (power matters alliance) to embed wireless charging solutions for smartphones and tablets into DuPont Corian solid surfaces used in furnishings for home and public spaces. The tabletop allows one to charge their favorite gadgets on the go without the need for plugs and cables.
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    Strawberry Men cakes
    Food   /   Comments
    Adorable and delicious "strawberry men" cakes in Japanese Moso style. The face is made out of scooped apple and the eyes and mouth are made from sugar sprinkles.
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    Cuppo wall storage
    Store   /   Comments
    Cuppo is a minimal wall storage design created by Ideaco. Cuppo is a prime example of Ideaco's philosophy toward minimalist, functional design. With the tagline "pocket on the wall", Cuppo is essentially a small container that can be attached to almost any flat surface. The slant "cups" can store most of your daily gadgets, such as keys, watch and ornament. $20.
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    Dachstein bridge suspension
    The Suspension bridge and glass viewing platform opened to visitors at the Dachstein Glacier resort in the Alps in Austria. The bridge offers a spectacular view over Austria's loftiest peaks and the sheer rock face of the Dachstein massif.
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