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    Upsidedown mugs
    These three upside down mugs (entitles Muglexia) by Henry Franks, the winner of the New Designer of the Year Award, illustrate inversion and as a result are more stable and more balanced in the hand because the handle position being (upside down and) lower down than normal. This gives a more comfortable pour when drinking due to where the centre of gravity is. They are also more stable in general and less likely to be knocked over. The inverted shape also keeps tea and coffee hotter for longer.
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    The first person parkour video, awesome!
    Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pen
    These grass leaf-shaped pens, called the Pooleaf, available in 3 different shade, give you the look of a natural plant when put together in a pen cup. $5.
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    Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the US and I had the pleasure to shoot time-lapse there in April and May 2013. Bryce is not really a canyon but a collection of giant natural amphitheaters. Bryce Canyon is distinctive due to geological structures called hoodoos, formed by frost weathering and stream erosion of the river and lake bed sedimentary rocks.
    Anyone Can Scale This Building
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    If you're in East London anytime before August 4, 2013, you can climb these walls without fear of falling. It's an optical illusion created by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich called Dalston House. The "house" is on the ground, with a giant mirror looming over it at an angle. The work was commissioned by the Barbican in London.  
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    This is a beautiful time-lapse video of seeds growing into plants and flower blooms! The video takes four-month to record, from February to June, 2013.
    Slice PingPong Table by Snarkitecture
    Slice Ping-Pong table designed by Brooklyn Base Snarkitecture.
    "An all black ping-pong table, Slice appears as a deceptively opaque landscape when viewed from its shorter ends and impossibly thin from its longer sides. The top is made from a single thin sheet of Richlite, an incredibly dense and durable eco friendly material. An undulating topography below this surface is described by a series of flat, solid layers made from flexible EPDM rubber and Richlite. While designed for indoor and outdoor table tennis, Slice can also be used as a conference or dining table."
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    Rhett and Link made this commercial for Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center. Lord Slothra writes "he just murdered like´╗┐ 15 people...!"
    Army Men Erasers
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    Mustard's humorous War on Error is a six-pack of green soldiers erasers look like the plastic Army Men toy soldiers you played with as a kid. "there is a squad of six tiny green GI’s ready to wipe out any trace of pesky punctuation problems populating your paperwork." I like it.
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    World s first electricity producing solar powered
    Stella, the world's first solar-powered family car, provides accommodation for four people, fully accessible trunk space, an intuitive steering system, and has a range of 600 kilometers. It generates via the photo-voltaic panels and the roof-mounted solar cells.
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    Adidas soccer ball by Maxim Bykov
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    The Adidas soccer ball by Maxim Bykov is simple, but excellent.
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    DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish
    Three Little Monkeys Studios has brought us the instructions on how to make DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish. Learn and make your the extincted "dinasour" serve food for you.
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    Physical Facebook Fan Counter
    Tech   /   Comments
    Fliike is the first physical Facebook Fan (or "Like") counter specially designed for local businesses, public places or Marketing departments! The gadget requires Wi-Fi access and is easy to use. Just plug it, connect Fliike to the "Smiirl" Wi-Fi network and open your browser on any page. Set up your Wi-Fi network and password. Finally, go to www.smiirl.com and follow the instructions to set up your Facebook page.
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