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    iPhone 5 Magnetic Battery Back Cover

    iPhone 5 Magnetic Battery Back Cover
    It uses the magnetic adsorption technology to add a battery to your iPhone 5
    Features and Details:
    • 2800mAh
    • On/off switch to control charging
    • LED indicator shows battery level

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    Mars creature caught in NASA photo
    Recently, a creature was caught by Mars rover Curiosity. The creature in the photo looks like a lizard or rodent, or it may be just a rock. As there is a little amount of water on Mars, it's possible to find such desert animals wandering around.
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    3D printed XYZ shoes
    The XYZ shoes by Earl Stewart uses 3D scanning technique, to ensure customers a personalized pair of shoes.
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    The Wheelharp is a groundbreaking keyboard musical instrument that gives the player the ability to orchestrate a full chromatic scale of 61 actual bowed strings at one's own fingertips, almost like having a real chamber string orchestra at hand.
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    Artist Bartholomäus Traubeck's modified turntable read the rings on a slice of a tree and translate their thickness and strength into musical notes. Titled "Years".
    20 City-Specific Hot Dogs in 90 seconds.
    Steampunk ATAT and ATST Walkers

    Steampunk ATAT and ATST Walkers
    UK-based tinkerer Mark( Captain Bayley(his flickr)) built this awesome steampunk AT-AT walker from the Star Wars universe as an engagement present for his fiancée. And he has built a smaller steampunk AT-ST Walker, see more photos via his online flickr.
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    Quiet chair
    The Quiet chair by TILT is an enclosing form that can be either a chair or a booth depending on need. The pentagonal shapes are deliberately cocoon like, allowing the user to feel protected and cosy, almost immune to the outside world.
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    Celebrities turned into sloths
    Haasman put togther a nice little collection of weird soth that is sure to grow at a nice and even pace.
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    Amazing apple carving
    Fun and beautiful apple carving by talented Culinary Arts student Lemony Lollipop.
    Prancercise by Florida-based fitness instructor Joanna Rohrback. Watch the video, Haha! She writes:
    “springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and is ideally induced by elation."  
    If you’d like to learn more, read her book "Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence."
    "Prancercise® programs offer a new way of moving, eating and thinking for optimal fun and fitness!"
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