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    Modern Trailer Of Star Wars The Empire Strikes
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    This is a fan-made trailer for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
    The Fire Lance Rocket Gun New Year s Eve
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    "It is a well established tradition that The Slingshot Channel brings you a fireworks themed "special" at each New Year's Eve. In Germany, on 363 days of the year, only...
    Gif Happy New Year 2016
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    Happy New Year !
    Find the Panda Star Wars Version
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    There is no panda in Star Wars, but there is in this picture, believe it or not. Find the Panda, Star Wars Version.Need some help? Look here.
    Hit Songs of 2015 played with household items
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    Andrew Huang performed  performs a medley of some of the year's most popular song with Household Items.
    This Is The Best Reaction By Anyone Ever
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    This short promo video for the upcoming 2016 season of Australia's Got Talent, which features a audience member getting his mind completely blown by an act on the show, is perhaps the...
    Lighting up 10 000 sparklers at once
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    Watch lighting up 10 000 sparklers at once.
    How to Save Smelly Wine
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    "Wine drinkers rejoice, if you've got a bottle of wine on hand that's pumping out bad, sulfury smells, we've got a cheap chemistry life hack to help you save your wine and save your...
    How Google Tests Its Giant Project Loon Internet
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    "The goal of Loon is to provide Internet to people in remote areas that currently don’t have access, and the goal of Nat & Lo’s 20% Project is to learn more about the...
    The Boncho
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    The Boncho( €55 US$60) "covers riders' bodies from head to toe when riding in the rain and neatly folds up for easy and compact storage." Two fabric strips on the underside...
    Giant squid surfaces in Japanese harbor
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    Spectators on a pier in Toyama Bay in central Japan were treated to a rare sighting of a giant squid.
    How to Make Adorable BB8 Cake Pops
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    Rosanna Pansino made BB-8 Cake Pops to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
    A Beginner Violin Player Shares Two Years of Her Progress in Under Five
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    Adult beginner violinist - 2 years progress video
    What s Causing That Stitch in Your Side
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    What's the deal with that sharp pain in your side when you're trying to win that marathon? SciShow has the answers!
    How Instant Ramen Was Invented
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    Before World War 2, ramen wasn't instant. But one tinkerer fixed that...
    How Space Affects Your Brain
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    Your Brain on Mars ft. Physics Girl!
    Truck Flipper v Bus Puncher
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    "Two studio execs battle to have the best movie featuring a hero punching a vehicle and having the vehicle flip over them! Who will win!?"
    VICE on HBO Season 4 Official Trailer
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    VICE, the award-winning documentary television series created and hosted by Vice magazine’s Shane Smith, returns to HBO next year. Season 4 of VICE will premier on HBO on February...
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