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    The Alphabet Sandwich
    Food   /  
    DudeFoods made a towering sandwich with 26 different toppings, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabe.Here’s a rundown:AvocadoBaconCheeseDoritosEggFish...
    Kangaroo Robot By Festo
    Tech   /  
    Festo's Kangaroo robot. With the BionicKangaroo, Festo has technologically reproduced the unique way a kangaroo moves. Like its natural model, it can recover the energy when jumping,...
    Unofficial Game Of Thrones Lego Minifigs
    Toy   /  
    These unofficial Game Of Thrones Lego Minifigs($220) from myshopify, Cool?"Four different sets of three minifigs packaged in full color blister cards. Every sets comes with crazy...
    All 5 179 Game Of Thrones Deaths In Under Three
    Video   /  
    Take a look at all the bloodshed, mayhem, murder and deadly deception from the last three seasons courtesy of this supercut from Digg that shows all 5,179 on-screen deaths from Game of...
    Disney Princess Batman
    Pic   /  
    This Batman as a Disney Princess cosplay by Sunday Cosplay was inspired an awesome drawing that’s been doing the rounds on the internet over the last couple of years. Cosplayer...
    Cornstarch Fire Breathing Experiment
    Video   /  
    The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates in this video fire breathing using only corn starch. In super slow motion is cool.
    Casio Pro Trek PRW6000Y
    Watch   /  
    Casio has announced the new PRO TREK series, the PRW6000Y, th watch features a full auto LED light with afterglow, Tough Solar Power, a downsized direction sensor and...
    UpSee a Harness helps him walk for the first
    Baby   /  
    The UpSee is an upright standing mobility product to help special needs children learn the motion of walking with the help of an adult. Created by a Firefly, a Northern Ireland...
    Decoding Your Menu
    Pic   /  
    Decoding Your Menu, a guide for restaurant patrons by illustrator Gemma Correll.
    I m a Textpert Rap Music Video
    Video   /  
    If you're texting, you're not driving.
    Mario is Destroying Man s house
    Video   /  
    Super Mario is destroying filmmaker Jhoofnail's house. [ Thanks tip ]"Ever wonder what your video games are doing when you’re not looking? No? Just me? oh…."
    Toilet Paper Embossed With 24 Carat Gold
    Bath   /  
    This is the $250/roll gold foil embossed toilet paper produced by German manufacturer Tissue Design. It isa real product! Each design is custom made by German Fritz Loibl for his...
    Laser Engraved Rolling Pins
    Other   /  
    These laser engraved rolling pins from Etsy seller ValekRollingPins. They’re able to laser engrave a standard 16.5″ beech rolling pin with the design of your choice. The...
    Spiegelau Stout Glass
    Other   /  
    Spiegelau Stout Glass accentuates the roasted malt, rich coffee and chocolate notes that define the stout beer style."In collaboration with Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales,...
    Game of Thrones In Memoriam
    Video   /  
    In memory of the few memorable characters who won't be returning for Season 4 this Sunday night.
    How many ways can you arrange a deck of cards
    Video   /  
    There are roughly 80,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unique ways to order 52 playing cards. “Any time you pick up a well...
    Verrado Electric Drift Trike
    Sport   /  
    The Verrado Electric Drift Trike($1,560) is an electric-powered drifting tricycle for adults. Local Motors’ engineers experimented with a hub motor and battery pack from one of...
    A C3PO Electric Guitar
    MusicKit   /  
    This fun C-3PO electric guitar was made by Etsy user Marc Potter using a C-3PO collectibles case."Rainy Day Instruments presents …#063 C3PO electric Star Wars Guitar, Nice...
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