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    This video captures the sunrise annular solar eclipse from 3 locations in the Pilbara, Western Australia, May 10, 2013.
    What New York City Would Look Like on Other

    What New York City Would Look Like on Other
    Artist Nickolay Lamm has created a series of illustrations with the help of Marilyn Vogel that depict New York City would look like on other planets. She has a Ph.D. in Astrobiology, worked at NASA Ames for five years, and now teaches science at the university level. The below is on Mars.
    "The Red Planet has a cold, thin carbon dioxide atmosphere about 100 times thinner than our own. The atmospheric lack of density is actually a major stumbling block to getting objects to the surface, since parachutes are insufficient. The oxidizing chemistry on Mars means that immigrants would see a very rusted Statue of Liberty if they were ever to stumble upon such a sight. Fine dust particles would also quickly cover New York during one of the planet’s frequent dust storms."
    Aftre more, you can see New York City on Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
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    3D Printed Shoes Feature iPhone Holster

    3D Printed Shoes Feature iPhone Holster
    3D Printed Shoes by designer Alan Nguyen, and exhibited at the Milan Design Week in 2012 and the Maison et Objet show in Paris, again in 2012. The shoes were commissioned by Freedom of Creation for FreshFiber, a company that makes “personalized 3D accessories.” This 3D Printed Mashup Shoe celebrates a collection of the most successful iPhone cases from FreshFiber. This 3D printed mash up shoe holds your iPhone on the side, cool?
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    Super Likes Facebook for Superheroes
    Created by Artist Jaime Calderón. He created this series of superhero Facebook Like which replace the regular Facebook “Like” icon. Cool
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    The X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System demonstrator (UCAS-D) completed its first ever carrier-based catapult launch from USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77) off the coast of Virginia.
    Floating Bar With 1 Chair
    The inflatable floating bar inflates and deflates in seconds, allowing users to enjoy the water fun and cool bear in summer. $44.
    Hardshell Backpack

    Hardshell Backpack
    "Lined with durable EPDM foam and features straps for your laptop/tablet to protect your valuables against scratches and shocks.
    Strong durable lightweight hardshell offers maximum carrying comfort and protection.
    Features and Details:
    • Body: polypropylene block copolymer
    • Elastic: natural latex rubber
    • Straps: polypropylene
    • Rivets: aluminum
    • Padding: EPDM
    Dimensions (exterior): 19.7" x 12.6" x 7.9"
    Weight: 2.5 lbs."

    White/White, White/Black, Dark Gray: $199.
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    Gif Drifiting
    Commander William Riker, played by Jonathan Frakes, is a fictional character in the Star Trek universe appearing primarily as a main character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Commander Riker had a very special way of sitting down. A compilation of times that Commander Riker swings his leg over the back of a chair. Cool
    Morse Code Clock
    A good idea to learn the morse code! Morse code at each number space identifies the time of day on this clever wall clock. Measures 11.5-Inch diameter. The Morse Code Clock is available for $35.99 online.
    Rain Room

    The Rain Room, an art installation by rAndom International, is a large room where it rains indoor. The trick is that cameras detect the visitors' positions to turn off the individual rain strems directly overhead. The result is quite magical: you can walk through pouring rain without getting wet, no umbrellas required.
    The art installation, which made its splash at the Barbican in London, Random International’s Rain Room is now coming to the MoMA in New York. Check out the video clip below.
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    Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer
    Never requiring batteries, Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer is the cat toy that moves when struck by sunlight, simulating the behavior of prey to tantalize felines for hours. When direct sunlight strikes the device's solar cell, it activates a motor that moves a rod back and forth, causing the dangling plastic ball and colorful feathers to sway and bounce.
    Shark earbuds
    The shark earbuds offers a fun way to accessorize your iPhone, MP3 player, iPod, PDA or laptop. They are compatible with iPhone 5 and all devices with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket such as: MP3 players, cell phones, PDAs, portable gaming systems and computers. $10
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