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    Yokohama Cherry Blossoms in Bloom
    This stunning photograph by Agustin Rafael Reyes shows us cherry blossoms in bloom in the Tszuki Ward of Yokohama, Japan.
    Palmsized portable iron
    This cool gadget is a portable iron that you could carry along with you at all times. The portable iron that is USB powered by charging from your PC or works on AA batteries. It is all that you need in your bag to iron pants, tie, shirt or skirt in a jiffy without any hassle. Card hot-repressor also known as Travel Mobile hot repressor is a palm-sized iron that has a unique design with heater on both the internal surfaces so that it easily removes wrinkles anytime anywhere you want. 980yen
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    Summer is coming
    Summer is coming.
    Shellphone Loudspeaker
    Shellphone Loudspeaker is a natural acoustic amplifier for your iPhone. The speaker is the natural shape of the Whelk shell to amplify the iPhone's speaker. No power adapters and no batteries are required for this device.
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    Ruler gun
    The hard wood ruler by Atypyk takes the shape of a gun! Carrying the "gun" is not only legal, but also cool. Great for school students. 10EUR
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    Bird Figurine Fan
    Summer has come and it's time to replace your outdated fan with this cute bird figurine fan to have a cool summer. The metal fan is 14-Inch tall by 8-1/4-inch wide.
    UL Approved;
    3-Pedaled fan blade;
    30-watt copper-spun motor.
    Deco Breeze fans are an exceptional way of adding functional beauty and decor to any room; $22

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    Aston Martin CC100 speedster concept
    British automaker Aston Martin is celebrating its centenary by introducing the 'CC100 speedster concept'. The body and interior are crafted entirely from carbon fibre - designed and constructed in fewer than six months at Aston Martin's global headquarters in Gaydon. Paired to a six-speed hydraulically actuated automated sequential manual transmission with column-mounted paddle shifts, the 'CC100' reaches 0-100 km/h ( 62mph ) in 4.0 seconds, with a top speed of 291 km/h (180 mph).
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    Experts Expert Gardening Knife
    Anne Marie Chaker's May 15 "Just One Thing" Wall Street Journal feature focused on Jonathan Wright — a professional gardener at the Chanticleer Public Garden in Wayne, Pennsylvania — and his indispensable Lesche Digging Tool (above).
    Excerpts follow.
    "Jonathan Wright is a self-identified "plant geek" with a soft spot for summer-flowering dahlias.
    His Lesche Digging Tool, which he says he never gardens without… [is a] 12-inch knifelike tool [with] a serrated edge, which makes it useful for cutting and dividing perennials or even twine. Mr. Wright says the Lesche knife is a good substitute for a trowel when tucking bulbs or small plants into the ground. The action is slightly different from a more labor-intensive digging motion: "I stab it into the ground and pull toward me," he says, creating a cavity in the soil that makes planting "three times as fast" — significant when there are, say, hundreds of bulbs on the to-do list.
    The knife's tip makes a handy wedge for lifting weeds or even pavers, which sometimes require resetting or weeding between. In the vegetable garden, the flat edge of the knife makes it easy to draw a straight line in the soil for seeding.
    The steel tool's maker is W.W. Manufacturing Co. Inc., a Bridgeton, N.J., supplier of rakes, spades and other gardening and landscaping equipment. A plate just below the handle "guards your hand from sliding down" onto the blade, says Ingrid Hawk, co-owner of the company, which was founded by her father, Walter Lesche, in the mid-1950s and known as Walt's Welding.
    Mr. Wright says he was given the tool when he started gardening at Chanticleer as a student fellow in 2001. "One of the gardeners said, 'Here, take this, it will be your new best friend,' " he recalls. Today, he is in charge of designing and planting terraces surrounding the mansion on the 47-acre property. "It did replace any other trowel or weeding tool I had," he says.
    Another benefit: The red handle makes it easy to find if he leaves it in the garden. But even if that doesn't work, "I've bought a backup," he says.
    Notebook with a hidden pencil
    The clever notebooks have a real pencil nestled conveniently in its trompe l'oeil designed cover. Remove the pencil for use, and press it back in place for easy storage. 144 pages. $15.
    Nerdy Cafe Latte Art
    Japanese coffee artist Nowtoo Sugi uses colored bartender syrups to, as the hobby artist says, "paint" on coffee to create the amazing coffee art.
    Baby booties made from breast milk
    The inch-long booties were created by Nick Gant and Tanya Dean, both lecturers at the University of Brighton in East Sussex. The designer duo used proteins extracted from a woman’s donated breast milk to create tiny, hardened baby shoes.
    GIF Giraffes are naturally born divers
    Giraffes are naturally born divers.
    Key Board Home Sweet Home
    An original key holder for couples, which is made ​​of beech wood. EUR 17.50
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