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    A sketch video for YouTube's comedy week and was Co-directed by David Neptune and Ken Tanaka.
    In this video, What Kind of Asian are you? Scott plays a friendly jogger who is very interested in guessing the heritage of Stella.
    Knock on Wood Shoes
    This pair of "Knock on Wood" shoes by Agustina Bottoni is made of fragile 2mm sheets of tanganika wood. Using a structure following the natural distribution of weight in the foot, the design manages to support a person using a limited amount of material. There is for example, a higher concentration of pieces where the heel and metatarsus are supported.
    One of my favorite Gifs
    One of my favorite Gifs
    LED engagement ring
    Ben Kokes started out by designing and developing a circuit that would be able to power up the ring inductively. In the end, he used a coil of wire wound around kaplon tape as the inductor and a small SMD capacitor to power up three tiny ultra-bright LEDs.
    Dress made of biscuit tins
    Designer Larisa Katz wore one of her own outlandish creations to the Michael Kohlhaas film screening at the Cannes film festival. The dress is made of biscuit tins.
    Monkey Light Pro
    Monkey Light Pro allows you to display images and animations on your bike wheel. You can download your own graphics to the Monkey Light Pro and show them while you ride.
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    Carrot Whisk

    Carrot Whisk
    "Easy to clean silicone wires, cushy, plump silicone handle."
    11"L x 2.5"Ø.
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    need them wishes
    "need them wishes"
    "Don't try to fix it. I just need you to listen." Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. No matter what. A comedy short “It’s Not About the Nail” by Jason Headley.
    Duct Tape GPS
    "My phone in a nice pocket in the steering wheel (it is enought tight to hold the phone even upside down without pressing the keyboard)"
    Thirst Aid reusable hydration pack
    Thirst Aid is a reusable hydration pack that looks like a saline drip pouch, but you can fill it with your favourite energy drink. It stands upu like a bottle when full and can be folded or rolled when empty. Not suitable for hot drinks.
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    Beardvertising is a simple way to turn your beard into a business. Just like "Duck Dynasty". Hang a BeardBoard (Patent Pending) in your beard. Sit back and get paid up to $5 per day.
    Paper LED torch light
    The paper LED torch light by Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka is made exclusively using a cut-out piece of paper and a battery operated LED. The LED attachment is automatically powered via two thin hidden switches. As soon as the volume becomes flat again, the light shuts off.
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