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    501st Legion Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge
    Video   /  
    On August 17, 2014, J. J. Abrams nominated the 501st Legion in the ALS #IceBucketChallenge. In the following 24 hours, troopers around the world answered the call.
    Dog Pulling Baby Carriage
    Video   /  
    Doggy/Baby Jogger, cute.
    Pic   /  
    Stripes, a photo from Mpumalanga, East .
    A US Map Of The Relative Value Of 100 By State
    Pic   /  
    This week’s tax map shows the real value of $100 in each state. Because average prices for similar goods are much higher in California or New York than in Mississippi or South...
    Pikachu Outbreak at Yokohama Japan
    Video   /  
    The city of Yokohama, Japan, staged a Pokémon Pikachu Festival last week. It was called  the Pikachu Tairyou Hassei Chu, or “An Outbreak of Pikachus,” which...
    Gif rest
    Pic   /  
    Funny Comic Characters by nbsp Make Up Artist Laura
    Pic   /  
    Funny  Comic Characters by Make Up Artist Laura Jenkinson(her instagram). More pics after more.
    This Staircase Is A Work of Art
    Other   /  
    The sculptural stairway was installed in a custom-designed Mumbai apartment and features continuous, flowing lines that connect many of the highest and lowest steps together. This...
    The Science of Depression
    Video   /  
    The Science of Depression by AsapSCIENCE.
    Gif ping pong
    Pic   /  
    ping pong
    Velo Sock
    Other   /  
    Velo Sock is made of a flexible 90% polyester, 10% spandex material, each sock can fit a bicycle with a length from 1.6 to 2 meters in length. Keep your room clean. Good diea.
    Ten One Design Magnus Air iPad Air Stand
    Gadget   /  
    Ten One Design Magnus Air iPad Air Stand, a minimalist solution that provides a reading angle of 22 degrees and can be used as either a viewing stand all turned on its side to produce a...
    Full Moon Pacific Blanket TimeLapse Video of Fog Rolling Over the San Francisco
    Video   /  
    "The Bay Area is famous for its dense fog, and when you're in it the fog is cold and grey. But there's another side to the fog and the only way to see what happens when it fully...
    Every death scene from Quentin Tarantino s movies
    Video   /  
    Every death in Quentin Tarantino movies.List of films:- Reservoir Dogs (1992)- Pulp Fiction (1994)- Jackie Brown (1997)- Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)- Kill Bill Vol. 2 (2004)- Death Proof...
    Leather Bicycle Beer Carrier
    Bike   /  
    Fyxation's bike-mounted leather beer carrier($60)  is the perfect companion for a night out on your bike.
    J adore Paris
    Video   /  
    Paul Richardson  combined over 40,000 images in Paris to make this timelapse video. It took over 400 hours, or approx 2.5 hours per second of footage.
    For What It s Worth
    Projects   /  
    This is the project of Dillon Marsh, a photographer and artist from Cape Town who describes For What It's Worth as an attempt to quantify mining, "an industry that has shaped the...
    Picture the hawk
    Pic   /  
    The hawk by Sitzwohl Bernhard.
    The Full concept poster for Avengers Age of
    Pic   /  
    Marvel Studios has revealed the final pieces for their Avengers: Age of Ultron poster – The Hulk and Thor! Big pic!"Opening in theaters on May 1, 2015, Joss Whedon’s...
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