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    Super Slim External Battery from Japan
    It is a 4.5mm thin portable battery for your phone. Gokuusu portable battery, a 4.5mm ultra-thin business card sized 1,000mAh lithium ion portable battery that has an in-built memory of 4GB for storage purpose. The connection is done through a retractable USB cable and a set of tiny adaptors for whatever phone you carry. Made from aluminum material, the battery charges-up in 3 hours time and provides an output of 5V, 600mA for charging up your gadgets. It will cost 2,980 Yen ($ 30).
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    Colin Furze has created a jet bicycle named Norah out of a friend’s mom’s old bike. The jet bicycle, "the most dangerous unsafe bike EVER"! The video of making of the jet bicycle after more.
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    HALO MINI Illuminated Pet Collars

    HALO MINI is an illuminated collar for your pets, created by Vincent Pilot Ng. "BE SEEN, BE SAFE!"
    "What is HALO MINI?
    HALO MINI is an ULTRA HIGH QUALITY illuminated pet collar. LED pet collars have been on the market for years, however, most of them are made using cheap nylon materials with LEDs that are just as bad. We have re-designed and created an ultra high quality illuminating collar using our custom patented illumination system. Just like our HALO BELT, each HALO MINI is designed to illuminate in bright neon colors. The purpose of the HALO MINI is to keep our loved ones safe when outside at night… looking awesome is a bonus
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    A new Extended Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer has been released at E3 this week providing you with 9.15 minutes worth of footage showing you a glimpse of the story behind the game...
    SleepPhones are the most comfortable sleep headphones to help users sleep better. Invented by a family doctor, these patented headband headphones plug into the music player. Users can listen to anything they like with the earphones in the soft headband to relieve pressure.
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    iTray world s 1st flying tray

    Yo! Suishi, a London-based restaurant that serves Japanese food, has introduced the world's first flying tray to deliver their Japanese rice burgers to our customers.
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    HeartShaped Ice Cube Tray
    Try the Lekue ice cube try to make heart-shaped ice cubes for your sweet heart.
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    Hand Tshirt
    This cool T-Shirt features an outstretched arm and hand, which appears to be holding a transparent (PVC) pocket. The pocket can store your mobile, gum, keys, or whatever strikes your imagination, and the hand looks like it's carrying the item. $59
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    Amazing origami
    A group of amazing origami by artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường.
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    Check out Footage of a Storm Supercell Forming

    It took photographer/storm chaser/all-around brave guy Mike Olbinski four years to capture this footage of the formation of a supercell near Booker, Texas.
    "Shot in the Central Plains of Texas, the footage was captured on a Canon 5D Mark II with a Rokinon 14mm 2.8 lens. It's actually broken up into four different parts, because Oblinski and his friend Andy Hoeland started out on a side of the storm where it was too rainy to see anything. Then they actually drove THROUGH the storm to see the crazy cloud structure form. Fortunately, the storm didn't actually turn into a full-fledged tornado. But the footage is incredibly nonetheless, and Olbinski and his pal clearly have some guts."
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    Alienware s Hefty New LightUp Laptops Are Available Right
    Alienware reveals new line of laptops at E3. The new Alienware laptops have a custom lighting system for the keyboard, top panel, bottom panel, and touchpad, and can all be adjusted with the new Alienware Command Center software. They can even support lighting profiles for when you are playing a specific game.  All new laptops have support for Intel's fourth generation Core processors inside, up to i7 chips, and NVIDIA's GeForce 700 series of GPUs. The Alienware 14, with its 14-inch display can have up to three storage drives, while the Alienware 17 and 18 can support up to four storage drives. The Alienware 18 also has the option for SLI dual NVIDIA GeForce 700 series GPUs and has a full HD screen with PLS support, which allows for viewing the screen even at a wide angle. The Alienware 14 has a starting price of $1,198, with the Alienware 17 priced starting at $1,499. The Alienware 18 is priced starting at $2,099.
    Luxury Private Submarine Yacht

    Luxury Private Submarine Yacht
    A private submarine yacht concept by Motion Code: Blue.
    "James Bond villains, take heed: Here's a way to one-up all those other yacht owners in the bad-guys club — the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht. This luxury design concept for a 377-foot submarine was created by design firm Motion Code: Blue, and could become a reality if some well-heeled buyer steps up.
    Of course this vessel features all the usual super-luxury features that are so important for taking over the world on your yacht, such as a helipad for quick escapes, a two-story owner's suite with a private patio on the bow, eight VIP suites for all your henchmen, and plenty of room for those white cats you love to pet as you concoct your diabolical schemes.
    And for all those lovely ladies that constantly surround you — because they like you, they really do — there's a huge beach club midship, complete with a pool, bar and plenty of deck space for them to bask in the sun
    About the price, they didn't say, but Charlie White of Mashable noted that a comparable Virginia-class attack submarine by the U.S. Navy costs $2.3 billion to build.
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