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    Alienware s Hefty New LightUp Laptops Are Available Right
    Alienware reveals new line of laptops at E3. The new Alienware laptops have a custom lighting system for the keyboard, top panel, bottom panel, and touchpad, and can all be adjusted with the new Alienware Command Center software. They can even support lighting profiles for when you are playing a specific game.  All new laptops have support for Intel's fourth generation Core processors inside, up to i7 chips, and NVIDIA's GeForce 700 series of GPUs. The Alienware 14, with its 14-inch display can have up to three storage drives, while the Alienware 17 and 18 can support up to four storage drives. The Alienware 18 also has the option for SLI dual NVIDIA GeForce 700 series GPUs and has a full HD screen with PLS support, which allows for viewing the screen even at a wide angle. The Alienware 14 has a starting price of $1,198, with the Alienware 17 priced starting at $1,499. The Alienware 18 is priced starting at $2,099.
    Luxury Private Submarine Yacht

    Luxury Private Submarine Yacht
    A private submarine yacht concept by Motion Code: Blue.
    "James Bond villains, take heed: Here's a way to one-up all those other yacht owners in the bad-guys club — the Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht. This luxury design concept for a 377-foot submarine was created by design firm Motion Code: Blue, and could become a reality if some well-heeled buyer steps up.
    Of course this vessel features all the usual super-luxury features that are so important for taking over the world on your yacht, such as a helipad for quick escapes, a two-story owner's suite with a private patio on the bow, eight VIP suites for all your henchmen, and plenty of room for those white cats you love to pet as you concoct your diabolical schemes.
    And for all those lovely ladies that constantly surround you — because they like you, they really do — there's a huge beach club midship, complete with a pool, bar and plenty of deck space for them to bask in the sun
    About the price, they didn't say, but Charlie White of Mashable noted that a comparable Virginia-class attack submarine by the U.S. Navy costs $2.3 billion to build.
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    Sony Playstation 4
    Sony has finally revealed release information about its PlayStation 4 console. Sony's PlayStation 4 will go on sale the U.S. and Europe in time for the year-end holiday season and cost US$399. Sony delivered the $100 undercut to Microsoft’s $499 Xbox One.
    That’s why IBM and Ogilvy are working together to spark positive change with the “People for Smarter Cities” project, and unite city leaders and forward-thinking citizens. To spread the word, Ogilvy created outdoor advertising with a purpose: a bench, a shelter and a ramp that are not only designed to be beautiful, but to be useful to city dwellers as well.
    3D printed Bow Tie
    A 3D printed bow tie from monocircus.
    "a 3D printed bow tie that does not need tying! just slot it in on the top button of your shirt and it is so lightweight that you won't feel that you are wearing a bow tie"
    Pascale Honore has been in a wheelchair for 18 years and recently went ‘duct tape surfing‘ on the back of her friend and experienced surfer, Ty Swan.
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    GIF Water or beer Slide to fill
    Water or beer? Slide to fill.
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    World map art wallpaper
    A cool art wallpaper designed in the shape of world map. The difference is that, the country names are printed in the places where they are in the world. A great ornamental wallpaper.
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    GIFs Scientific experiment
    Hydrogen Peroxide Mixed With Potassium Iodide
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    Fuck off beard
    Shave your beard this way and let the beard "speak" for you.
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    Toilet Paper Wedding Dress
    These seemingly ordinary wedding gowns are actually made from a few rolls of toilet paper for the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest!
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    Bowser Crochet Sweater Turns Your Turtle Into Super Mario  s True
    Turtles can become King Koopa aka Bowser in a cinch with this crochet turtle shell koozie made by Squirrel Picnic.
    "Myrtle definitely looks like he could do some damage in his Bowser sweater. Go on, Myrtle! Go get your princess and take back your Mushroom Kingdom."
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