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    Bernie Sanders Playing The Bongos at the Democratic Presidential
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    Bernie Sanders jams out to Ben Harper's Burn one Down. He's already got the rock star size crowds so if the presidential thing doesn’t work out it’s good to know he’s...
    The Force Awakens Trailer nbsp Music Only
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    A music only version of the New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer. Below is the original version of the trailer.
    Interstellar When Spectacle Eclipses Story
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    Cinematic Spectacles That Eclipse Movies' Stories
    What will humanity look like in 1000 years
    Video   /  
    What will humanity look like in 1000 years? Watch as we cover some cutting-edge innovations happening today.
    Main Street Good Old Days medley International
    Video   /  
    "This is what happens when a quartet who has committed itself to the good old days realizes that, one day, the pop songs of today will be considered 'good old songs'."
    Face Substitution
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    Programmers Kyle MacDonald and Arturo Castro have created a real-time video face tracking and modifying application. The application can overlay a famous face from a photo onto a moving face in a video. It's really creepy.
    Gloves Make Your Index Finger That Looks Like A Cat
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    These are the cat gloves available from nekobu(Google transalte) have a cat printed on them, including its tail on the index finger. It’s just a quirky little glove with a cat...
    Surreal Hands by Achraf Baznani
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    Surreal Hands by Moroccan photographer-artist Achraf Baznani(Facebook)."In this new series, Achraf Baznani creates a new surreal world with his own hand, and put it in an incredible...
    If Google Was A Guy Part 4
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    College Humor is back with a fourth serving of what Google would look like if it was just a guy in an office.
    Quinny Longboardstroller
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    After two years of intense development, today Quinny announced the Quinny longboardstroller, a very exciting solution for parents. The longboardstroller features specials trucks and large...
    Gif Heart
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    Heart light
    Guy Makes insane dubstep sounds out of a McDonalds drink
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    Enjoy this quick video of me making dubstep noises with a McDonalds cup!
    Celebrate 20 Years of Friendship from Pixar with The Good
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    A single friendship can change everything. From Toy Story to The Good Dinosaur, join us in celebrating 20 years of friendship from Pixar Animation Studios.
    Halloween Make Creepy Teeth Candy
    DIY   /  
    Instructables user Randy Sarafan gives a step-by-step guide to making teeth-shaped hard candy using a mold created from denture teeth and silicon. "Teeth Candy is basically...
    NYCC Cosplay Spotlight New York Comic Con 2015
    Video   /  
    Beat Down Boogie has created two new cosplay music videos  from New York Comic Con 2015.
    Stuffed Bunnies Come to Life Funny Dogs Maymo
    Video   /  
    Watch funny dogs Maymo and Penny disguise themselves as bunnies in order to get carrots.
    How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started
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    "In the film, Back to the Future, the first time Doc tests the time machine is by sending his dog Einstein 1 minute into the future. Doc puts his dog in the car, drives it down the...
    Arkham Knight Batmobile Super Gamer Builds
    Video   /  
    In this episode, some of the top prop makers build a one-of-a-kind Batmobile for one lucky Arkham Knight fan!
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