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    Introducing Google Cardboard Plastic
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    Google invites you to see the future more clearly with their brand new Cardboard Plastic "Actual Reality" headset.
    Where are all the aliens
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    "If aliens exist, the galaxy should be crawling with them. We've been looking and so far, no dice. Why? "
    Funny Irish Mammy Using Vr For First Time
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    Josie is your typical irish mammy from the countryside. this was her first time experiencing virtual reallity and it made for great laughs.....
    Moormann Camping Bus
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    Custom Bus is a German company that specializes in personalizing VW campers, motor homes and mobile offices. This is a VW bus designed by German minimalist Nils Holger Moormann, a...
    New York Horizon Horizontal Skyscraper Built Around a Sunken Central
    Concept   /  
    Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu propose to build 1,000-foot walls around excavated central park.New York Horizon, the first place winning design of the EVolo 2016 Skyscraper Competition by...
    Rihanna s new Music Video Kiss It Better
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    Rihanna - Kiss It Better (Explicit)
    A Wonderfully Eerie Compilation of Deep Sea Creatures With Unusual
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    Eerie critters from the deep sea: SPOOKY EYES
    A Cool Rocking Chair That Uses Its Own Kinetic Motion to Knit a
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    ECAL students Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex created the “Rocking-Knit“, a rocking chair use its own kinetic motion to knit a hat."Rocking-Knit is a new interpretation of...
    Why the Big Bang Definitely Happened
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    How physics lets us rewind time to the beginning of the universe.
    Urinal Cakes Why
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    If you happen to be a frequenter of urinals, odds are you’ve seen one that has a little block at the bottom of it. But what does it do and why are you peeing on it?!
    The Thermite Launcher by colinfurze
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    "Woo Hoo furze does not simply place thermite, he launches it with his super steampunk style launcher, what a device. "
    Koreans Try to Shotgun a Beer for the First Time
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    Koreans try to shotgun a beer
    The Cast Of Game Of Thrones Has Trouble With Sword
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    The Cast Of 'Game Of Thrones' Has Trouble With Sword Knowledge
    Crazy Accident Leaves Two Race Cars Stacked on Top of Each Other at Porsche Carrera Cup France
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    It took place during the second race of the Porsche Carrera Cup France championship at the Circuito de Navarra in Spain.
    Heavy Boobs feat Rachel Bloom
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    Haha!Rebecca: I got them heavy boobs, heavy Boobs, dense like dying stars. I got them heavy boobs, heavy Boobs, I can't run real far. Let me break down what I just Said (aah aah). Each of...
    The Edge Desk Ergonomic Workspace
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    Easily unfolding from its handy lay-flat storage position, this desk keeps your body in an ideal posture as you work to relieve any pain. The Edge Desk has a wonderfully comfortable...
    Melting A Styrofoam Cup With Acetone
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    Melting styrofoam with acetone! Acetone can be found in nail polish remover and is well known for dissolving styrofoam into a melting glob of awesomeness.
    The Best News Bloopers From March
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    Funny videos 2016 best news bloopers. You can’t stop laughing at the funniest news blooper viral videos of the month.
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