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    Superhero Caped Socks
    The Superhero caped socks are perfect for any wannabe hero. £10
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    Paintings on maps
    The Vancouver-based artist Paul Morstad paints animals on old maps.
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    A Guinea Pig Armor Suit
    "Is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmored and vulnerable? Do they get picked on by other guinea pigs? Has your guinea pig ever wanted to go with you to a Renaissance Faire but had nothing to wear?"
    That's what eBay user mightys0x writes in the description of his charity auction -- for a hand-made guinea pig scale-mail and helmet.
    the item was put up on eBay last week with the initial bid starting at $5, which has since skyrocketed to $24,200  as of this afternoon.
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    Prancercise, a springy exercise similar to a horse'ss gait. Florida-based fitness instructor, Joanna Rohrback, is the star of new music video for the song “Paper Doll” by John Mayer.
    Parakeets running in slow motion.
    Diogene is a stunning cabin by Renzo Piano. It is Vitra’s smallest building ― but largest product. Diogene is not meant as an emergency accommodation, but a voluntary place of retreat. Simply wonderful and yes, luxurious.
    "Diogene is equipped with everything you need for living. The front part serves as a living room: On one side, there is a pull-out sofa; on the other, a folding table under the window. Behind a partition, there are a shower and toilet as well as a kitchen, which has also been reduced to the necessary. The house and furnishings form a single unit. It is constructed from wood with a warm character, which also defines the interior. For the purpose of weather protection, the exterior is coated with aluminium paneling. The overall shape and saddle roof resemble the archetype of a house, but its rounded-off corners and the all-over façade materials also give the impression of a contemporary product. It is no simple hut, but instead a technically perfect and aesthetically attractive refuge. The great challenge lies in planning the complex product so that it is suitable for industrial series production. “This little house is the final result of a long, long journey partially driven by desires and dreams, but also by technicality and a scientific approach,” explains Renzo Piano."
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    Cat with odd eyes
    The adorable cat with odd eyes seems to be posing well for the camera.
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    Dogs dyed and sheared to look like wild animals
    These amazing photos of dyed and groomed dogs taken by photographer Ren Netherland aim to depict cartoon characters, wild animals and fictional characters.
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    Forest s Eye
    The trail captured by Flickr user Adry takes on the shape of an eye. The trail is located in Nahuel Huapi, Argentina's oldest national park, is this gorgeous hiking trail known as Sendero de Los Arrayanes.
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    Scrooser electric scooter
    Enjoy a few second looks while embracing urban transportation on a sexy, efficient, and responsible Scrooser. While riding in Eco mode, one battery charge will last an estimated 25 days in the urban environment. Scrooser is a mobility solution that does not require a license or a helmet.
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    Baguette Bag by CYAN
    The Baguette Bag will make your crispy baguette warm and safe!
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    She worn the wrong swimsuit
    She wore the wrong swim suit. Haha.
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