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    The 7 Coolest Active Space Probes
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    "We’ve sent thousands of things into space over the years! Many of them just orbit the Earth, and some are flying out past the edges of the Solar System. In this episode, we present our...
    The Oven Kid Does A Commercial In Germany
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    The 'Oven Kid' Does A Commercial In Germany
    World s First 1440 On MTB
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    Check out Nicholi Rogatkins near perfect winning run as he weaves through the historic streets throwing insane tricks and ending with the first ever 1440 on a mountain bike.
    MethanolInjected Snowmobile Drag Racing
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    This is a video of two methanol-injected snowmobiles drag racing in bone chilling 20-something degrees below zero Mancelona, Michigan.
    When You Get Catfished by an Actual Fish
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    "A Tinder date gets off to an odd start when a large fish man shows up to meet a normal human female, but the two hit it off until one small miscue derails the early chemistry."
    A Mesmerizing Magnet Marble Run Set to Classical
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    r DoodleChaos perfectly synchronized a magnetized Rube Goldberg-style marble run with Tchaikovsky's classical masterpiece, "Waltz of the Flowers.""I've taken the piece "Waltz of the...
    Samsung WallMountable Soundbar at CES 2018
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    Samsung unveils a new premium lifestyle soundbar at CES 2018. The new Soundbar will be unveiled at CES next month in Las Vegas and will feature options like distortion-cancelling,...
    Sons Prank Their Dad by Hiding in Giant Leaf Pile
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    "Mom gets revenge for all of dad's pranks by hiding kids in leaf pile while dad uses the leaf blower unaware of the pending danger."
    A Bad Lip Reading of Trump Singing the National
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    "Listen in on Trump's live mic during the National Anthem..."
    Battle of the Boxes
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    "Ready for combat? Grab some cardboard, tape and hot glue for a battle of epic proportions. Welcome to Boxwars, the bizarre medieval-inspired sport that’s given adults the chance to...
    Designer Spent 10 Years Building the Ultimate Paper
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    Over the last decade, designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been building an incredibly detailed model of a Boeing 777, right down to the tiny seats and moving landing gear, using only paper...
    101 Facts About Microsoft
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    Sam from the "101 Facts" trivia series shares a huge collection of little-known facts about the origin, history, and evolution of one of the world's biggest tech companies, Microsoft.
    Kids Try 100 Years of Expensive Foods
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    In the latest "Kids Try" series, a group of kids taste and share their thoughts on expensive foods from the 1920s to today, including raw oysters, lobster thermidor, beef Wellington,...
    Gif Hungry Monster House in action
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    Hungry Monster House in action!
    Matty Matheson Reviews The Internet s Most Popular Food
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    Bon Appétit asked outspoken chef and TV host Matty Matheson watch and critique some of the most popular food-related videos on the Internet.
    56Inch Diameter 2 200 Pounds UAE Sets New World Record For World s Largest Aerial
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    This is a video of the new world's largest mortar firework being launched, a massive 56-inch shell weighing 2,200 pounds. The gigantic firework was produced by US-based Grucci Fireworks...
    A Pair of Horses Simultaneously Turn Back as They Change Their Minds About Going Out in the
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    "Let horses out to play in the snow. Horses have other ideas."
    The Beatles Aging Together
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    This is a video (complete with year-by-year soundtrack) created by Youtuber Angel Nene of The Beatles aging together from 1960 to 2017 using a 'live 3-D effect.'
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