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    More Sky Window Concept
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    Architect and designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia has created   'More Sky' that allow people living in apartments to experience more sunlight in a unique way. 'More Sky is a cozy corner...
    Toyota Ultimate Utility Vehicle
    Suv   /  
    Toyota will have one of the coolest things it has ever made on display at SEMA and that awesome ride is called the Ultimate Utility Vehicle. To become the Ultimate Utility Vehicle, Toyota...
    Protopiper Physically Sketching RoomSized Objects at Actual
    Video   /  
    Fabrication prototyping tech from the HPI Human Computer Interaction Lab is a computerized tapegun that can produce 3D forms to help visualize objects in spaces:"Protopiper is a...
    Swedish army drum corps Stockholm
    Video   /  
    The Swedish army drum corps preforming the drum salute Ann written by Tommy Törner.
    Halloween Elephants pulverize giant pumpkins during 2015 Squishing of the
    Video   /  
    Enjoy the Oregon Zoo’s 2015 "Squishing of the Squash"."Lily and the elephant family stomped, smashed and munched their way through two gigantic pumpkins at the Oregon...
    Gif Walking Bear
    Pic   /  
    A Walking Bear.Stop-motion looping animation by DBLG uses 3D printing to create models for each frame of a bear climbing stairs - video embedded below. "DBLG’s in-house studio...
    The New Order by Blank William
    Design   /  
    The New Order by New York based Blank William.
    Powerful drill turns metal into molten metal as it
    Video   /  
    "By forming with friction enery, a hole is created and the wall thickness is increased. By tooling option, the top rim can be cut off in the same operation. The increased material...
    Dad Builds Cool Mech Warrior Baby Carrier For
    Video   /  
    The Kylenator built a  cool Mech Warrior robot costume for his baby. The Kylenator writes: "I was holding my son at my chest and I got this awesome idea to make a mech warrior...
    The Sound and the Fury Official Trailer Starring James Franco Seth Rogen  Danny
    Film   /  
    A look at the trials and tribulations of The Compson siblings, living in the deep south during the early part of the 20th century.
    Simon of Simon  s Cat Provides an Inside Glimpse Into the Making of His New Book Off to the
    Video   /  
    "Simon explains the work that went in to making his new book, the inspiration behind some of the gags and describes new characters! "
    How to Make Realistic Fake Blood in 60 Seconds
    Video   /  
    Make some fake blood in 1 minute! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
    Anime Eyes Makeup Tutorial Dark Elsa
    Video   /  
    How To Make Anime Big Eyes Using Makeup To Look Like Elsa From ‘Frozen’
    Watch This Epic Magic Carpet Ride Prank
    Video   /  
    Using an electric Boosted skateboard, people not believing what they are seeing, desperately trying to get out their smartphones to film the action. Here below is the...
    Mom Steals Candy From Kids Halloween 2015
    Video   /  
    "We left candy on our porch and asked the trick-or-treaters to be considerate. Mom takes all of it. "
    Ember Temperature Adjustable Mug
    Gadget   /  
    The Ember(on Indiegogo) is a pretty brilliant smart connected mug that first cools down your beverage quickly to your preferred temperature, then keeps it there all day. You set the temp...
    Fallon Plays Wheel of Impressions with Dana
    Video   /  
    Jimmy and Dana take turns doing celebrity impressions about a Halloween-themed topic, such as President Obama talking about trick-or-treaters.
    Colbert Delivers A Special Halloween Warning
    Video   /  
    Halloween isn't all fun and games; sometimes it's giant rogue pumpkins and razorblades.
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