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    Measure your mood by the length of your skirt
    Demure, discreet, subtle, playful, sensual, impulsive, seductive, provocative, daring, passionate, cheeky, dangerous, femme fatal.
    English or Spanish: €20.
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    An Italian man does yoga with his cute little Chihuahua dog perfectly mimic his every move. Cute!
    Americans Peter Hollens (singer-songwriter) and Lindsey Stirling (violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer) put together this Stars Wars medley.
    Paper Dish
    Paper Dish designed by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung & Kwon Young Hee. Good idea.
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    Pic What is this
    What is this?
    Israeli Public Bus Transformed Into Luxury Home

    Israeli Public Bus Transformed Into Luxury Home
    Two women(Tali Shaul, a psychotherapist and Hagit Morevski, an ecological pond water treatment specialis) living in Even Yehuda have come up with a creative solution to the Israeli housing crisis: they transformed an out-of-use public bus into a luxury living space. They bought an old bus from the Israeli public transportation company Dan’s warehouse and began the transformation. The bus was stripped inside and broken down, so much so that Shaul and Morevski decided to enlist the help of their designer friend, Vered Sofer Drori.
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    Skateboarding dog does kickflips.
    Giant Playing Cards
    At approximately 10 times the size of standard playing cards, King Size Cards feature the same semi-gloss coating and texture of traditional playing cards.
    $10, or Amazon
    Introducing Witch Fingers Grapes

    Introducing Witch Fingers Grapes
    "These grapes are called Witches fingers and are from the Californian breeding program International Fruit Genetics. Although it sounds like it could be GMO it’s not, they are made through the hybridisation process of taking pollen from one plant and brushing it onto another plant.
    There are quite a number of these varieties now, in different colours as well. Whats really interesting is that IFG also have a few other unusual varieties such as ‘cotton candy’ which when ripe acquires the taste of cotton candy – it’s very unusual but also delicious. You guys in the US should see the variety on the shelves in the next few weeks actually
    You can always check with Melissa’s Produce, here. (When they have them in stock, you can order directly from them.)
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    LG G2 Smartphone
    LG today announced its latest flagship smartphone LG G2. It has a 5.2-inch Full HD display and a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera. Powered by a 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Other features include 16GB or 32GBs of storage, 2GBs of RAM, and a massive 3,000mAh battery for a full day of use.
    Big Wheels For Adults
    This is the High Roller, a $600 Big Wheels trike made for adults. They’re made by High Roller USA and accommodate riders from 5'2" to 6'6" and up to 275-lbs.
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    Mattel Creates Mars Explorer Barbie Doll in Collaboration With
    In collaboration with NASA, Mattel has created a Mars Explorer Barbie doll to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Curiosity Rover’s landing on Mars.
    "In collaboration with NASA, Mars Explorer Barbie® doll launches the first “one-doll” mission to Mars. Ready to add her signature pink splash to the “red planet,” Barbie® doll is outfitted in a stylish space suit with pink reflective accents, helmet, space pack and signature pink space boots.
    The 2013 “Career of the Year,” Mars Explorer Barbie® doll enters the stratosphere just in time to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Mars Rover Curiosity landing on August 6, 2013. Adding to her resume of more than 130 careers, Mars Explorer Barbie® doll inspires girls to be adventurous and to always reach for the stars!"
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