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    What Your Drink Choice Says About You
    Video   /  
    An animated comedy sketch exploring what your drink choice says about you.
    In Reverse
    AD   /  
    The director of this ad, Martin Stirling made one powerful PSA about Syria that I can remember.
    Gif Fire 130643212460227870
    Pic   /  
    Mitten Flask
    Outdoor   /  
    This set of two red cozy mittens, includes one with a flask, and one without.  The flask inserts into a zippered pocket, connected to a bite valve so you won’t have to try to...
    Check Out Acer  s Selfie Hat for London Fashion
    Other   /  
    This latter was created by fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis in partnership with Acer. This unique headpiece is a huge glittery pink sombrero that features a fold-down flap...
    Which Is Better Paper Towels Or Hand Dryers
    Video   /  
    Which is more hygienic - paper towel or hand dryers?
    8Bit Video Game Parkour
    Video   /  
    Professional freerunner Jason Paul attempts to maneuver a train-powered course that pays homage to classic side-scrolling video games. The bad guys are played by Team Farang.
    First iPhone 6 Buyer Does an Accidental DropTest on
    News   /  
    It's iPhone 6 launch day, this  poor guy drops his iPhone 6 sold in Perth during an interview.
    Updated  ber Gigantic Spaceship Size Comparison
    Pic   /  
    Artist Dirk Loechel has finally released what he says is the final version of his enormous spaceship size comparison chart, an accurate size-comparison between famous sci-fi starships,...
    Glowpong Glow In The Dark Beer Pong
    Gaming   /  
    The table's($150) edges light up the night and add even more glow to your GLOWPONG battle! Available in 3 glowing modes per side(solid color, slow-blinking & fast-blinking). The table...
    Video   /  
    "This video is a “then-and-now” comparison showing the Dutch city of Alkmaar in 1914 and in 2014. It was created by Dutch photographer Frits de Beer, Tara Rikkers and...
    Butterfly Fails To Faze Flautist
    Video   /  
    During the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Odense, Denmark, a butterfly perched on the forehead of Japanese flutist Yukie Ota. That didn't disturb her performance.
    Illustrated Guide to Dogs of the World
    Pic   /  
    Los Angeles-based artist and animator Lili Chin's personal project "Dogs of the World" features canines grouped by their areas of origin. Titled ‘Dogs Of The World’,...
    The Real Power Is In You
    AD   /  
    Brazilian digital artist Marcel Fukuwara helped shape these ads for the government of the state of Ceará in Brazil. The ad’s message, “The Real Power is in You,”...
    Deadpool leggings
    Accessories   /  
    The Deadpool leggings ($35) by etsy  seller Tohnik.
    Compilation of Incredibly Close Calls
    Video   /  
    Top Close Calls Compilation 2014.
    35 Jobs That No Longer Exist
    Video   /  
    35 Jobs That No Longer Exist
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