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    GIF The Royal Birth In Lion King

    GIF The Royal Birth In Lion King
    GIFs: The Royal Birth In "Lion King".
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    The Ubuntu Edge Phone
    The Ubuntu Edge is a smartphone and desktop PC in one state-of-the-art device. They described the Ubuntu Edge as a device that will "dual boot Ubuntu and Android, and will transform into a PC when docked with a monitor—with the full Ubuntu desktop and shared access to all the phone’s files. For this it needs the power of a PC, so Ubuntu Edge will be equipped with the latest, fastest processor, at least 4GB of RAM and a massive 128GB of (SSD) storage."
    Its technical specs:
    - Dual-boot Ubuntu Edge into either Ubuntu or Android
    - A fully integrated Ubuntu desktop PC when docked
    - Fast and powerful device with multi-core CPU and at least 4GB RAM
    - 128GB of Solid State Device (SSD) storage for photos, music, content
    - A 4.5-inch 1,280 x 720 HD display with a pure sapphire crystal screen, the hardest natural substance after the diamond
    - Cameras made for low-light, fast response and close up pictures: 8mp rear camera, 2mp front
    - Faster connections all over the world with dual-LTE, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4, Near Field Communication (NFC)
    - Connect to HDMI TVs and monitors easily with MHL connector, 3.5mm jack
    - GPS, accelerometer, gyro, proximity sensor, compass, barometer
    - Stereo speakers with HD audio, dual-mic recording, Active Noise Cancellation
    - Silicon-anode Li-Ion battery
    - 64 x 9 x 124mm size.
    The company is looking to raise $32 million in one month to build the device using crowdfunding website Indiegogo. You can read more about it here.
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    Unikia multifunctional pillow

    Unikia multifunctional pillow
    The Unikia's multi-functional pillow Flip is basically two pillows that are jointed together to give it an all-around trait. Use it as a arm-rest, for your back, or basically as a pillow to lay on. The possibilities are endless!
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    They re doing a Superman Batman movie

    At the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder announced that they will be releasing a Superman and Batman combo movie for 2015.  Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix (General Swanwick) came out during the announcement and "used his cool voice to read the following piece of dialogue":
    I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want…you to remember…the one man who beat you.
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    72 millionyearold dinosaur tail discovered
    A team of paleontologists have discovered the fossilized remains of a 72 million-year-old dinosaur tail in a desert in Coahuila, Mexico. The 5 meter long (16 feet) tail was the first ever found in Mexico.
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    Googly eyes on a pregnant s belly
    Adorable googly eyes on a pregnant's belly.
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    Watermelon candles
    These watermelon candles look like real watermelons! They are hand painted with special wax. These candles are great cute decoration for your party and perfect gift for your friends. Cozy detail for your home. $7
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    Electric Fan
    Electric Fan
    Parasols by Klaus Leidorf.
    Papa Smurf Dissected
    Papa Smurf Dissected by Jason Freeny.
    Strine's MaCool is a portable thermal insulator that keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot geek cred hot! It can hold up to 8 drink and ice comfortably.
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    Sharkini, a cool one piece swim suit with side cut out and leatherette "teeth" trim and one chain strap. It looks like a shark bite. $100
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