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    OFF Pocket

    The OFF Pocket is privacy accessory for mobile phones that blocks wireless signals. Simply place your phone inside the case and close it. Your phone is now OFF. Untrackable. Unhackable. Undistractable. The OFF Pocket is available in 2 sizes and blocks frequencies between 800MHz – 2.4 GHz s well as CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/3G/4G and WiFi (2.4GHz), Bluetooth (2.4Ghz), and GPS (1-2GHz). The OFF Pocket project is currently funding on the Kickstarter website.
    The OFF Pocket has been tested on all major networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It is compatible with mobile phone hardware including iPhones, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, BlackBerrys, Nokia and all other modern phone hardware and operating systems.”
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    Vinylize Eyewear made from old Vinyl records
    These Vinylize Eyewears made from old Vinyl records! Cool
    "Vinylize upcycles old vinyl records into some really amazing and unique eyewear. Not just for music lovers."
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    This ad from Thailand for the Boost-Up bra may surprise you.
    NASA s Newest Biggest Rocket
    NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) Program has just passed what's called a Preliminary Design Review, meaning that we're one step closer to sending this explosive stick of awesomeness into orbit.
    "The 70 metric-ton SLS will stand 321 feet tall, provide 8.4 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, weigh 5.5 million pounds and carry 154,000 pounds of payload. That vehicle will set out on its first mission -- Exploration Mission 1 -- in 2017, launching an uncrewed Orion spacecraft to demonstrate the integrated system performance of the SLS rocket and spacecraft before a crewed flight.
    The initial design will evolve into a 130 metric-ton (143 ton) configuration that will lift more than 286,000 pounds and provide 20 percent more thrust than the Saturn V, which launched American astronauts to the moon. Used primarily to launch heavy cargo, SLS will be the largest rocket ever built and will enable exploration missions beyond low-Earth orbit to many places in the solar system including Mars."
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    Victorinox 13Slot Tablet Knife Block
    The innovative Victorinox knife block with shelf($50) keeps your tablet, eBook, small cookbook, recipe or appliance instruction manual at the ideal angle for easy viewing.
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    In new web series, featuring skateboarding legend Bob Burnquist and his backyard skate park. And, the Hip. Yes, he added a Hip feature onto his personal MegaRamp. Hip that starts up on a hill and sends him across a 15-foot gap into the 25-foot quarterpipe.
    Music - Ben Harper
    "I Will Not Be Broken"
    "Up To You Now"
    Kyall Dawson do a front-flip from his Razor scooter.
    Gif Driving 154835130
    The Vaavud wind meter($50), enables you to take precise and reliable measurements of the wind speed and wind direction anywhere, using your iPhone 5 or Android smartphone.
    This is Graham Hughes and he traveled to 201 countries.
    "Ever wanted to travel to EVERY COUNTRY* in the world in less than four minutes? Well now thanks to Graham Hughes - the first person to visit all 201 nations of the world without flying - YOU CAN!!."
    Refoldable Cardboard Furniture
    Founded by Zach Rotholz, Chairigami produces furniture made entirely out of triple-wall cardboard that is easy to unpack and repack. They are recyclable, lightweight, flat-packed, and easy to assemble. Rotholz used his $5,000 of bar mitzvah money to launch the company, which now sells most of its products online via a free Weebly website. "It was very grassroots. I tested and iterated as I went. A lot of the furniture ideas came from the website. People would come on the web page and give their suggestions," he says. Shelving starts at $65 and the couch is $100. The pieces are available online or in the Chairigami store in Connecticut.
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