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    Cloud Pink

    Korean creative agency Everyware’s Cloud Pink installation gives people the chance to “touch” clouds and literally stick their heads into them. This installation allows visitors to interact with the clouds. The projected clouds can be manipulated by touch, so you can move and generate clouds on its digital canvas. Check it out in action in the video above.
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    Street art Banksy
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    By famous street artist Banksy. You can find this stencil work in Los Angeles. It's a part of his upcoming "Better out Than in" show in October.
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    Flexible cutting board
    The Siliconezone Chop 'n Drop cutting boards contain a set of 3 multicolored easy grip cutting boards. It bends to form a scoop that allows you to easily pour your chopped results into a waiting pot, pan, or bowl. $15
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    This Power Bar Politely Steps Aside So It Doesn t Block Other
    The Contort Power supply offers a pair of USB ports as well as an AC outlet. It features an angled plug so the extra outlet and USB ports don't end up blocking anything. $25
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    Recycled Art by Jane Perkins
    British artist Jane Perkins creates beautiful works of art from found materials such as plastic toys, beads, buttons, shells, etc. No colour is added - all materials are exactly as found.
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    Automatic fullmouth tooth brush
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    Use this cool automatic full-mouth tooth brush to brush both the tops and bottoms of your teeth. It is invented by German photographer Patrick Strattner, who was inspired by the eccentric products found in the SkyMall catalog.
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    Tentsile Stingray treehouse
    The Tentsile Stingray was conceived as a portable 3 person treehouse. It offers occupants a spacious triple hammock interior, accessed via a hatch through the floor or via a large front door. It can be suspended at any height and if dry, can also be pitched on the ground. It offers a unique way for you and your friends to experience the great outdoors, away from uncomfortable or uneven ground conditions, wetness, bugs and other creepies.
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    AsapSCIENCE explains "Could Your Brain Be Hacked?"
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    Imagine an empty worrying Paris.
    FoldyLock a Folding Bike Lock

    FoldyLock a Folding Bike Lock
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    The FoldyLock is a 90cm (35.5. inch) long lock made up of "six hardened steel links covered with plastic reinforced with fiberglass to protect your bike frame from scratches. Connecting rivets are designed with VSR rivet technology against drilling. Foldylock is rust free and has an anti drilling cylinder that is protected in a hardened steel housing." You can pack it tight and carry it where the water bottle would go in its designated case, mounted on your bike frame. Hardened steel is hard to cut, good idea. The Kickstarter is fully funded, but you can still get your own for $80.
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    Scorpion VS Noob Saibot by Mike Diva.
    Should I Buy a Mac or a PC
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    "What kind of computer should I buy?" By cartoonist Scott Meyer. [ Thanks, tips ]
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