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    Gif The different ways animals breath in one cool animated
    Pic   /  
    Science illustrator and animator Eleanor Lutz has created this cool animated illustration showing the differences between animal breathing: Human vs birds vs insects. Eleanor Lutz is a...
    Kids Taste and React to Brussels Sprouts
    Video   /  
    Kids react to Brussels Sprouts.
    3D Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil and Octopus Coffee
    Office   /  
    These are the $13 3-D tyrannosaurus rex and octopus coffee mugs sold by ThinkGeek. Each one features a three-dimensional design starting from the print that covers the mug and extends to...
    Gif Playing
    Pic   /  
    Happy weekend!
    Virus and Cactus Icecream
    Projects   /  
    Have you ever licked a cactus? Probably not. But it might be interesting to try it out, in another form.  Dangerous Popsicles are a collection of weird shaped popsicles inspired by...
    Extreme Parking Stunt
    AD   /  
    The all-new, agile 2015 Audi Q3 attempts an extreme parking stunt in a crowded parking garage.
    TongueShaped Silicone Tea Infuser
    Other   /  
    This tongue-shaped tea infuser "gives a fresh new way to envy your friends with a unique design. The tea gently gets infused with warm water through the holes in the shape of the...
    Lonesome Light by Ben Young
    Design   /  
    'Lonesome Light' sculptures  by New Zealand artist Ben Young."Laminated clear float glass with cast concrete base and cast white bronze lighthouse"
    The New IKEA s Sit Stand Desk
    Furniture   /  
    IKEA's new  BEKANT sit/stand desk.  It raises and lowers with the touch of one button, depending on whether you'd rather sit or stand.
    Why Do Things Taste Sweet
    Video   /  
    Why Do Things Taste Sweet?
    Jason Hockey Mask Spoon
    Other   /  
    Skull + Spoon = Skloon, the 'Jason' skloonFriday the 13th inspired 'Jason' hockey mask.Made by hand from old silverware.Use the spoons to stir lattes, to drink soup, and to spread peanut...
    ildebeest Migration Timelapse
    Video   /  
    Time-lapse footage of the "Great Migration", showing thousands of Wildebeest crossing the Mara River in Northern Serengeti, Tanzania.
    IKEA Halloween
    Video   /  
    Late night shopping may never be the same again after you watch IKEA's homage to Stanley Kubrick's horror classic, The Shining.
    Lavatory Lovestory
    Video   /  
    Film created by the Melnitsa Animation Studio from St. Petersburg, Russia. The story of a single, middle aged lady who works as a lavatory attendant.
    Unbreakable Bonds
    Pic   /  
    Unbreakable Bonds by ZahirBatin.
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