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    Picture Table Pool Girl
    Pic   /  
    Table Pool Girl
    How the sun sees you
    Video   /  
    Thomas Leveritt showed people what they looked like on video shot in ultraviolet (UV) light.
    SaviOne by Savioke a robot butler
    Tech   /  
    The bot is called the SaviOne, a hotel in California introduces first robot butler.
    The Floyd Leg
    Furniture   /  
    Like the brilliantly simple system behind The Floyd Leg. Ideal for people that move often.
    Watch how the creator of Peanuts drew Charlie
    Video   /  
    Here's how Charles Schulz, the trailblazing cartoonist who created Peanuts, drew Charlie Brown. I love how he's done in less than half a minute.
    Every Pet Guinea Pig Needs A Pair Of Leather Steampunk
    Steampunk   /  
    Pulguinha, the Steampunk Guinea Pig. Pulguinha's winged harness is the work of SkyPirate Creations. We can only hope that the motor on Pulguinha's back means that the wings actually flap,...
    Functional Chocolate LEGO Blocks by Akihiro
    Toy   /  
    Akihiro Mizuuchi is an illustrator and web developer in Shizuoka, Japan. He designed a modular system for creating edible chocolate LEGO bricks. They are hard enough that you can use...
    30 Weird Sports Injuries
    Video   /  
    This week, Akilah Hughes of smoothiefreak guest hosts and shares some weird sport injuries from throughout history.
    Flint Laces
    Outdoor   /  
    Tie your boots with these Flint Laces($14), you can still hope for a dry and warm night. The tip of each lace features a “1 inch ferro rod capped with rubber. This is just enough to...
    Humans Need Not Apply
    Video   /  
    Humans Need Not Apply
    Space Invaders Toilet Paper Holder
    Bath   /  
    This is a 3D printed toilet paper holder by etsy seller TheTajMahalo. It’s shaped like a Space Invaders, costs $20 and is made from both ABS and PLA plastic.
    Making Of 3DFuturama
    Video   /  
    Making of future city, the original video below.Music: Alan Silvestri - "Forrest Gump Suite" (fragment)Software: 3dsmax, Nuke, Photoshop, After EffectsTools : Multiscatter...
    The armored security trucks that transport and literally launder Colorado s pot
    Video   /  
    "Colorado's cannabis industry will do over $100 million in business before the end of the year... and it's all going to be in cash. Without access to banks, owners of legal pot...
    100 Fruits  Vegetables on Dog s Head in 100
    Video   /  
    100 Fruits & Vegetables on Dog's Head in 100 Seconds: Cute Dog Maymo
    Amazing Cel Shaded Style Jeans
    Design   /  
    These  pants look like comic jeans. These pants look like they’re right out of the pages of a comic. Cosplayer Kirameku painted over denim jeans with a mixture of...
    All The Doctors In One Face
    Video   /  
    What do you get if you blend all thirteen faces of the Doctor together into a single face?
    Toyota Ft1 Graphite
    SportsCars   /  
    The original FT-1 concept debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show with a sporty red finish that also had a race-inspired interior. This time around, Toyota is wanting to see if the...
    Conan Remembers Robin Williams
    Video   /  
    Conan recalls Robin's incredible generosity and his many hilarious visits to the show.
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