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    Dad Converts His Son  s Wheelchair Into Star Wars
    Other   /  
    Dad Ryan Scott Miller converted his son Jeremy’s wheelchair into a 'Star Wars' Snowspeeder. Jeremy's dad Ryan Scott Miller built a highly detailed snowspeeder that fits over...
    Cheerful Portraits Of Cats Shaking Themselves
    Pic   /  
    Portland-based Photographer Carli Davidson, her new project Shake Cats."Davidson is a 34-year-old Portland-based animal rights activist who found most of her subjects from local...
    Mega Man Hoodie
    Gaming   /  
    Mega Man hoodie from Thinkgeek, looks cool!  The hood has helmet details sewn on, while the left arm sleeve has the Mega Blaster’s lights printed on it. The hoodie’s...
    Elders Play God Of War 3 Elders React Gaming
    Video   /  
    Watch their REACTIONS as they hunt the Gods of Olympus as mighty Kratos!
    Yamaha MotoBot Robot Rides Motorcycles
    Video   /  
    2015 new Yamaha MotoBot concept rides a motorcycles, wow!
    Nissan s Future Of SelfDriving Concept
    Video   /  
    At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Nissan unveiled a concept vehicle that embodies Nissan’s vision of the future of autonomous driving and zero emission EVs: the Nissan IDS Concept.
    How to Win at Halloween
    Video   /  
    There are a lot of last-minute Halloween preppers who are tempted to settle for anything mediocre. Come on, you can do better than that! Let's make this Halloween special.
    A Bad Lip Reading of the First 2015 Democratic
    Video   /  
    YouTube user Bad Lip Reading, an anonymous music producer from Texas, hilarious "bad lip reading" of the First Democratic Debate.
    Google unveils new ASUS OnHub router
    Gadget   /  
    Google has taken the wraps off its second OnHub router, this one coming from ASUS.  The original OnHub was made by TP-Link, while this new one is made by ASUS. The new model features...
    Barack Obama Singing Thriller by Michael Jackson
    Video   /  
    Happy Halloween everyone! Obama sings a classic in this one.
    Behind the Scenes This Unicorn Changed The Way I
    Video   /  
    A look behind the scenes of Squatty Potty’s “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” ad.
    The Altwork Station
    Desktop   /  
    The company has the just-announced the Altwork Station that goes up for pre-order today for $3,900! The Altwork Station looks kind of like a futuristic dentist's chair. It's a somewhat...
    Gopro Shows Off Footage From Its First Camera
    Video   /  
    GoPro is developing a drone. In this YouTube video, GoPro has shown off some demo video from its prototype quadrotor. Details are scarce at this early stage, but the range is meant to...
    Cnn Tested Motorola s unbreakable phone
    Cellphone   /  
    Yesterday Motorola and Verizon officially announced the Droid Turbo 2, and comes with a "shatterproof" screen which .  Basically this display is said to be strong enough...
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