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    The Lord Of The Rings Let it Go Parody
    Video   /  
    A Parody Combining ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ With the Disney Film ‘Frozen’
    Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery
    Film   /  
    The 10th/11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver cutlery is dishwasher safe and runs $30/setting.
    A Marvel StopMotion Animation Featuring the Mad Titan Thanos as
    Video   /  
    His latest schemes against the Inhumans finds Thanos forced to impersonate a beloved and jolly holiday figure! Also featuring Hawkeye, Hulk, Spider-Man, and more!
    Portal Trick Shots
    Video   /  
    Guy use a Portal gun to do some basketball trick shots.
    A Flying Christmas Tree and Santa
    Video   /  
    A  remote-controlled Flying Christmas Tree and Santa.
    How Does A Homeless Man Spend 100
    Video   /  
    How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?
    Chicago Toccata  Fugue
    Video   /  
    The City of Chicago becomes a light show to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.Toccata and fugue in D-minor.
    Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer
    Film   /  
    Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer
    31 Things You Didn t Know about Holiday Songs
    Video   /  
    This week, Mike sheds some light on popular holiday songs.
    5 Year Old Girl Discusses Princess Leia s Slave Outfit With
    Video   /  
    A conversation with my 5 year old daughter about Jabba The Hutt's fashion ideas.
    Shower Curtain With Pockets
    Bath   /  
    This functional and fun shower curtain is made of clear vinyl. It has pockets to  hold kids toys, shampoo, conditioner, loofa, or other personal care items in the bath/shower to help...
    WindPowered Strandbeest Model Kit
    Toy   /  
    If you remembered famous wind-powered kinetic sculptures created by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. ThinkGeek has released two miniaturized Strandbeest sculptures model kits, including a...
    Ninja PizzaBurgers
    Pic   /  
    Burger pictures by Fat & Furious Burgers. Cool! More pics after more.
    Freaky Mouse Sculpture
    Other   /  
    Ass-Face Hand-Feet Mickey Mouse by Fidia Falaschetti.
    Mike Myers Returns To SNL As Doctor Evil
    Video   /  
    Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) interrupts Sam Smith's (Taran Killam) Christmas special to address North Korea and Sony Pictures directly about the hack.
    Gingerbread Enterprise
    Other   /  
    This model USS Enterprise made of gingerbread!  The starship was made by, and on display at, Blackmarket Bakery in California. See it from all angles in an imgur gallery.
    Light Show Projects a Ghost Ship onto Water
    Projects   /  
    This spectral image was a display at the Amsterdam Light Show Festival by VisualSKIN.  Hoses sprayed water at angles, creating planes that that could be used as projection screens....
    200 Calories of Christmas Food and Drink In
    Pic   /  
    The folks at Calorific have created images showing how much of many popular holiday foods you can ingest before you hit 200 calories. See more of these 200-calorie Christmas fare photos...
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