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    Animated Short Film Water Spirit
    Video   /  
    Martijn reached deep into his idea box for this one! It was originally an idea for his graduation film, but he decided to save it for later.
    Guy Built a Miniature Jurassic Park For His Pet
    Video   /  
    Oliver Turpin writes:"I made a minature Jurassic Park for my Leopard Tortoise Louie. It has grazing areas with seeds planted to grow as the weather gets better, a pool for him to...
    Adam Ruins Everything Mother s Day
    Video   /  
    Adam explains how Anna Jarvis unintentionally created a commercialized monster when she founded Mother's Day.
    The Best News Bloopers of April 2016
    Video   /  
    Funny videos 2016 best news bloopers. You can’t stop laughing at the funniest news blooper viral videos and outtakes of the month.
    Epic Rap Battles of History J R R Tolkien vs George R R
    Video   /  
    J. R. R. Tolkien vs George R. R. Martin. Epic Rap Battles of History. Season 5
    Korean Bomb Pizza
    Video   /  
    This is a video of a Korean bomb pizza, a pizza hidden in a giant dough bubble which is doused in oil and set on fire at the table. Then the bubble is removed with a pair of scissors and...
    Boba Fett Helmet Hair
    Other   /  
    This is the Boba Fett helmet hair color job performed by Anya Goy for a Star Wars inspired hair contest on Instagram (links to Instagram with all the other entries). Goy, an expert on...
    Guy Builds Robot To Beat Piano Playing Game On
    Video   /  
    This is a video demonstration of the little four-armed robot that Youtuber DenverFinn built to set the record for playing Piano Tiles 2 on the iPad. Impressive!Technical details: Overhead...
    Python Skin Covered Darth Vader Helmet
    Gadget   /  
    This is a Disney collectible Darth Vader helmet that's been covered in python skin by the folks at ELEMNT. They only made this one though and it's the only one they're going to make so if...
    Closed Circles In The Mirror
    Video   /  
    Shao presents closed circles performance in his three faced suit.
    Yecup It Keeps Your Drink  s Temperature Constant All
    Gadget   /  
    The Yecup is a connected smart drinking vessel with a 10,000mAh battery and enough tech to heat up or cool down the liquids it holds, and keep them there all day. If it senses the...
    Watch This Amazingly Strong Bee Pull a Nail out of a
    Video   /  
    Must watch strong bee pulling a nail out of the wall
    Deep Sea Jellyfish Look Like Aliens
    Video   /  
    This stunningly beautiful jellyfish was seen during Dive 4 of the 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas expedition on April 24, 2016, while exploring Enigma Seamount at a depth of...
    Seth Rogen on Working with a Real Tiger For The
    Video   /  
    In this clip from a recent episode of BBC's The Graham Norton Show, actor Seth Rogen hilariously discusses working with a real tiger while shooting his controversial 2014 film The...
    Flyboard Air sets world record for farthest hoverboard
    Video   /  
    "Franky Zapata sets a new Guinness World Record for farthest hoverboard flight, after flying his Flyboard Air for a distance of 2,252 meters at an event in Sausset-les-Pins,...
    How to Make a Beautiful Black Velvet Nebula Cake
    DIY   /  
    Heather Baird of Sprinkle Bakes demonstrates how to make a beautiful “Black Nebula Cake” in her most recent culinary tutorial.Cool!"The cake recipe makes a standard...
    Bass Strings Solo
    Video   /  
    Only using Bass Strings, without using any Bass Guitar.All the sounds you hear are produced by strings hitting different materials to achieve different sounds.
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