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    Light Show Projects a Ghost Ship onto Water
    Projects   /  
    This spectral image was a display at the Amsterdam Light Show Festival by VisualSKIN.  Hoses sprayed water at angles, creating planes that that could be used as projection screens....
    200 Calories of Christmas Food and Drink In
    Pic   /  
    The folks at Calorific have created images showing how much of many popular holiday foods you can ingest before you hit 200 calories. See more of these 200-calorie Christmas fare photos...
    The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker
    Video   /  
    Most Conspiracy Theories are stupid. By the power of the internet they spread like wildfire and often poison discussions. But there is hope – we developed a way to debunk...
    How to Rock a Pocket Square
    Pic   /  
    How to Rock a Pocket Square: An Illustrated Guide"The pocket square is a small accessory that, when added to a get-up, allows men to express themselves and vary their look without...
    Dji Death fails
    Video   /  
    Dji. Death Fails is multi-award winning 3D animated short film by director  Dmitri Voloshin. A story of an unconscious man who repeatedly foils the grim reaper."Dji is an...
    Gif How to build a human
    Pic   /  
    How to build a human, Eleanor Lutz
    Are You Sitting Too Much
    Video   /  
    "Is sitting too much killing you?"
    Cool animated infographics show how things work
    Pic   /  
    This is a GIF showing How a Handgun Works: 1911 .45. Artis Jacob O'Neal runs Animagraffs, site where he reveals the inner workings of objects like handguns, speakers, car or jet engines...
    Orogold makes some of the most expensive facial treatments on
    Video   /  
    Uhh, $25,000 for liquid pearl lotion?!
    This Guy Has A Huge Tattoo With Over 200 Simpsons Characters On His
    News   /  
    This is Michael Baxter, 52, from Bacchus Marsh, Australia. His huge back tattoo of Simpsons characters means he might just make the Guinness World Record for most cartoon character...
    Things You Do that Really Piss Me Off
    Pic   /  
    Things You Do that Really Piss Me Off, available at here.
    Star Wars cookie cutters
    Film   /  
    For $8 these Star Wars cookie cutters come ready to bake our favorite characters.
    Man Tests First Dual ShoulderDown Cyborg Arms
    Video   /  
    Meet Les Baugh. Les had both arms amputated at the shoulder after a freak electrical accident 40 years ago. Now he's the first person to successfully use the bilateral shoulder-down...
    World s Simplest Electric Train
    Tech   /  
    The world's simplest electric train is made with a made with a magnet, some copper wire and a dry cell.
    Jenny Slate Sings Landslide As Marcel The Shell
    Video   /  
    Jenny thinks her adorable little mollusk voice is a natural fit to sing the Fleetwood Mac tune.
    Bookmarks a Comic by Grant Snider
    Video   /  
    'Bookmarks' is a comic by Grant Snider.
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