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    This ASPCA Commercial For Abused Robots Robot Lives
    Video   /  
    "End the abuse. #RobotLivesMatter"
    African Kids Seeing a Drone for the First Time
    Video   /  
    While traveling in Zombo District, Uganda, Brandon Smith, a globetrotting filmmaker from Houston, Texas, blew the minds of dozens of school children when they witnessed him fly his...
    Watch Bruce Willis in Action Thriller Precious Cargo Official
    Film   /  
    Bruce Willis plays the villain in this heist action-thriller also starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Claire Forlani.
    Burger King Whopper With 718 Pickles
    Other   /  
    These is a Burger King Whopper ordered by P.K. Sanjun at Rocket24News in Japan with 718 pickles. The pickle Whopper weighed in at 1.7 kilograms (~3.75 pounds) and cost a staggering ten...
    Creepy Guy Staring At Zoom Lens From Far As Hell
    Video   /  
    The person who uploaded this video, titled “Creepy Meets Creeper” to YouTube writes on Reddit that he was testing the zoom on his new camera in Bilbao, Spain when he happened...
    Guy Attempts to Learn a Challenging Pool Trick Shot in One
    Video   /  
    Mike Boyd returns with the new self-challenge of learning how to perform a complicated pool trick shot, that was inspired by a classic 1970s Miller Lite commercial.
    One Man Rock Band
    Video   /  
    San Francisco musician Jordan B. Wilson sings, plays guitar, keyboard, bass, and an entire set of drums. His blues/garage sound is reminiscent of The White Stripes – and he plays...
    The McLaren 570GT
    SportsCars   /  
    McLaren is adding a proper grand tourer to the lineup, the 570GT. The car is the second model of three planned body styles in the Sports Series with this specific model designed for daily...
    Young People Who Complain Like They  re Old
    Video   /  
    "Stop complaining, you grouchy shit. "
    Marvel s Daredevil Season 2 Official Trailer 2
    Video   /  
    Here's the second official look at the upcoming second season of, Daredevil, the hit original Netflix series based on Marvel Comics' blind lawyer-by-day superhero of the same name. Season...
    A Closer Look at How Joel and Ethan Coen Film
    Video   /  
    "How do you film a conversation? Most likely, you’re going to block the actors, set up the camera, and do shot/reverse shot. But where do you put the camera? What lens do you...
    The Food Surgeon Cookie Reassignment Surgery
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    "The Food Surgeon" surgically removes the raisins from a Pepperidge Farm oatmeal raisin cookie, and replaces them with chocolate chips.
    1940s Swing Cover of Drake s Hotline Bling
    Video   /  
    Vocalist Cristina Gatti and the Postmodern Jukebox Band transform Drake's R&B hit, "Hotline Bling," into a jazzy swing number from the 1940s.
    Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves Movie
    Video   /  
    "The Oscar ceremony is a magical night on which starving movie stars experience joy and sorrow live for all to see. While awards shows are a place where accolades are lavished upon...
    Pouring Molten Copper on a Giant Jawbreaker
    Video   /  
    Tito4re is back with another molten copper experiment. This time "Pouring molten scrap copper on a giant 1 pound jawbreaker. "
    Why is This So Expensive in Your State
    Pic   /  
    Improvenet used Google search’s autocomplete feature to make several maps about the United States. The map above was generated using the question “Why is ___ so expensive in...
    120 Years Old Mechanical Portable Calculator
    Video   /  
    Back in 1895, Hans W. Egli built what he dubbed The Millionaire, the device can still calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and was even portable.
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