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    Kineti Windows 10 Touchscreen Table
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    This ia Windows 10 touchscreen table called Kineti has been unveiled offering a another way to interact with Windows 10. The la Table Kineti is priced at €4,997 EUR(roughly $5,560(....
    The Restaurant of Life
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    "The Restaurant of Life. Eating at The Restaurant of Life is always exciting and unexpected. Enjoy your meal!"
    Iceland Performs Viking War Chant
    Video   /  
    Homecoming party for Euro 2016 team.
    Violinist Lindsey s The Arena  a Fantastic Mad Max Music
    Video   /  
    Violinist Lindsey's new song 'The Arena', a fantastic Mad Max themed music video featuring her dancing in the wasteland with professional Latin and ballroom dancer, actor, and...
    What Does Your Accent Say About You
    Video   /  
    An Explanation of How Regional Accents Are Formed and Perceived.
    The Hubble Space Telescope Captures Beautiful Auroras Active Around Jupiter  s North
    Video   /  
    This composite video illustrates the auroras on Jupiter relative to their position on the giant planet. As on Earth, auroras are produced by the interaction of a planet's magnetic field...
    Zore X Is A Smart Gun Lock
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    Zore has built a smart gun lock that lets you unlock your gun remotely using an app or PIN code, and can even alert you if a person is tampering with your weapon so long as you’re...
    Lighting 5 000 Charcoal Snakes at Once
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    To celebrate the 4th of July, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted his lovable sidekick, Guillermo, to see what happens when you light 5,000 charcoal Black Snake fireworks at once.
    Superhero Anatomy Art
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    This series of anatomy art comes from NYCHOS and he disturbingly dissects some of our favorite geek culture characters like Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Yoda,...
    Ozzy Man Reviews Everything That Happened in June
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    Ozzy Man Reviews shares his always funny and thought-provoking thoughts on the good, bad, and crazy events that occured in June 2016.
    Make Your Own Rocket Lamp
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    Make your Rocket Lamp, this is a cool DIY project, the basic instructions outlined on Tinkerings.
    This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95 Less
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    As urban populations continue to rise, innovators are looking beyond traditional farming as a way to feed everyone while having less impact on our land and water resources. Vertical...
    Riva s Rivamare Speedboat
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    The luxury yacht builder has just unveiled the Rivamare and it is one hell of a boat. The design of the Riva Rivamare Speedboat is inspired by the style of sports cars. Measuring 39 feet...
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    BBC science correspondent Rebecca Morelle travels to China to take a close up tour of the Aperture Spherical Telescope, the world's largest radio telescope.
    Eye Tracking On A Formula 1 Car
    Video   /  
    Sky Sports explores the near-superhuman skills and reaction times of Formula 1 driver Nico Hulkenberg as he wears special eye-tracking goggles.
    Epic Drone Race At Night Is A Real Life Racing Video
    Video   /  
    GoPro shows how awesome drone racing at night can be with this footage from the Phoenix Cup. See the piloting that landed Tony Thompson second place at the Phoenix Cup.
    Skating on a Shipping Pallet That Is Modified to Run on Street Car
    Video   /  
    Pallet Skater skating on the tramway rails on the streets of Bratislava, Slovakia. Easy transport method, faster than trams!
    Testing a Knight  s Mobility While Wearing a Full Set of Metal
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    "The issue of mobility in armour is addressed there with striking images of actual armour pieces to demonstrate the range of movement allowed when worn. Today, our contribution...
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