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    Sing Official Trailer 2
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    Here's the second trailer for Sing, the upcoming 2016 computer-animated musical comedy film from the creators of Despicable Me and Minions. Sing, which features the voices of Scarlett...
    Retro 1950s Cover of Bruce Springsteen s Dancing in the
    Video   /  
    Kansas City-based singer-songwriter Von Smith performs a 1950s doo-wop-inspired rendition of Bruce Springsteen's 1984 hit, "Dancing in the Dark," with pianist Scott Bradlee and...
    Mars A New Narrative National Geographic Series About the First Crewed Mission to
    Video   /  
    Mars is an upcoming narrative series about the first crewed mission to Mars on the fictional spacecraft Daedalus. In the series, the craft launches from Earth in the year 2033 to begin...
    The Magnificent Beauty of Albania Captured in a Short Aerial TiltShift TimeLapse
    Video   /  
    Awesome Albania Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Film"Albania has been one of the best kept traveller secrets in Europe for a few years. Even with tourism expanding now it is still an amazing...
    Table 19 Official Trailer
    Video   /  
    Here's the first look at Table 19, an upcoming 2017 comedy-drama starring Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson, Amanda Crew, Stephen Merchant, June Squibb, and Lisa Kudrow. The film comes to...
    How to Become A Treasure Hunter
    Video   /  
    Learn everything you need to know about stealin' booty and finding buried treasure!
    PerfectTiming Villain
    Video   /  
    In the latest sketch from Chris Smith and Jack De Sena, evil villainous mastermind, Professor Yuri, (Chris) perfects the art of perfect timing, with help from his assistant, Shannon,...
    Conan O Brien Proves PBS Faked Their 4th of July
    Video   /  
    "PBS is under fire for including pre-recorded explosions in their 4th of July celebration, but it's pretty obvious if you paid attention."
    Old Man Strength At Muscle Beach
    Video   /  
    "Our double age-ent: Kenneth Leverich, a former Junior Olympic weightlifter and top SoCal Crossfit competitor who does even lift, bro -- 535lbs dead, precisely. We tapped Hollywood...
    P Stew s Cowboy Classics
    Video   /  
    Sir Patrick Stewart - better known as 'Cowboy Pat' or 'P Stew' is one of the best country singers in the world. Unfortunately his Cowboy Classics Volume 1 and 2 are completely sold out....
    Hang Glider Collapses During Steep Dive
    Video   /  
    Jon Gjerde is a world champion in aerobatic hang gliding. The 51-year-old Norwegian is no stranger to the skies. But last week during the Norwegian "Ekstremsportveko"...
    Incredible SevenYearOld Uses Her Feet As Hands
    Video   /  
    Little Sophi Green loves to dance – despite being born with no arms. The seven-year-old has adapted to carry out a dizzying array of activities with her feet, including eating with...
    Celebrity NanoImpressions with Dana Carvey
    Video   /  
    Dana Carvey nails the tiny moments of celebrities like Johnny Carson, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Owen Wilson and more.
    Difference Between Table Salt  Kosher Salt in
    Video   /  
    Learn the Difference Between Table Salt and Kosher Salt in Recipes!
    How To Never Have A Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again
    Video   /  
    Urushiol oil in poison sumac, poison oak, and poison ivy may produce a severe skin rash. Timely urushiol removal can prevent poison ivy skin reaction. The key is to understand how poison...
    The Bagel Smart Tape
    Gadget   /  
    The Bagel Tape is a bit of a misnomer since there’s no actual tape to speak of, but it is a measuring device that packs a few features never seen elsewhere. It works on three modes:...
    Segment Camera
    Camera   /  
    Blond is a London based creative studio, they created a sexy compact mirrorless camera, named Segment Camera($TBA). Playing off of the name of the camera, a segment of the body has been...
    Jiminy Glick Interviews Jerry Seinfeld
    Video   /  
    In this sketch from Maya Rudolph and Martin Short's NBC variety show, Maya & Marty, Jiminy Glick (Martin Short) chats with comedian Jerry Seinfeld on his talk show, Celebrity...
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